Combined Med-Peds Clinic

ECU Physicians: Adult and Pediatric Health Care is a fully independent primary care med-peds practice. It functions as a group practice mixing full time faculty board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics and the residents’ continuity clinic practices. Residents have continuity clinic at the med-peds clinic starting immediately during their intern year.

Our clinic serves a great mix of patients.

Our clinic offers all aspects of primary care including preventive care, acute care, chronic disease management and typical office based procedures including joint injection, simple dermatologic procedures, circumcision, cryotherapy, and spirometry. Residents receive training in all of these areas and all of these procedures.

Children's Hospital

Construction of a three-floor addition to our Children’s Hospital was completed in 2013 and includes:

  • Special Care Nursery - 21 bed Step down unit from NICU
  • PDAY unit - 10 bed unit for chemotherapy, infusions, sedation, dialysis, procedures, and observation
  • KISU - Specialized 6 bed isolation unit for Heme-Onc, Renal, and other patients needing isolation

Med-Peds Clinic Building - Moye II

Med-Peds Clinic Building - Moye II