Eastern Carolina Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience



The ECCFSN Chapter Receives 2007 Grass Traveling Scientist Program Award

Dear Dr. Murashov:

It is my pleasure to inform you that the Eastern Carolina Chapter’s request for the spring 2007 Grass Traveling Scientist Program has been approved.  Attached to this e-mail, you will find a Lecture Confirmation Form and a Program Report Guide. 

As a recipient of the Grass Traveling Scientist Program, your chapter will receive a stipend of $1200. This stipend includes an honorarium of $300.00. Chapters are responsible for paying for the lecturer’s honorarium and travel expenses. Any additional funds may be used toward the costs of hosting the lecture. Chapters are responsible for expenses exceeding $1,200.00. More information regarding program procedures may be found online at www.sfn.org/grassprogramprocedures.

Please note that funds will not be released to your chapter until the Society receives a completed Lecture Confirmation Form providing the details of your chapter’s program.  Once the Society receives this form, a check will be issued within 45 days.  Please note that the Lecture Confirmation Form must be returned to the Society no later than November 26, 2007, or your chapter’s award may be forfeited.

The Program Report Guide provides questions to solicit feedback on your chapter’s program. The report should be completed immediately following the program’s conclusion, and should provide detailed responses to the questions outlined in the guide. You must submit the report for your chapter to remain eligible for future Grass Traveling Scientist Program funding, as well as other funding opportunities through the Society. Please submit your chapter’s report by e-mail to chapters@sfn.orgNote that the report is due no later than four weeks after the last day of your chapter's program.

Please also note that your chapter’s program must be implemented within one year of receiving your award.  If your chapter has not completed a program by February 26, 2008, your award will be forfeited.

The Society's guarantee for future funding through The Grass Foundation is contingent upon the success of the Grass Traveling Scientist Program.  Please comply with our requests to ensure success of this program.