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Hope for Haiti

June 23, 2010

Nursing college faculty continue Haiti relief
The Daily Reflector
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two East Carolina University College of Nursing employees left this morning for Leogane, Haiti, to work for five days with the only baccalaureate nursing school in the country.

Dr. Nancy Stephenson is a nursing professor and is no stranger to Haiti. In the 1970s, she went on a mission trip and worked in a clinic in Carrefour.

"Now, I am aware of what I am walking into. Allison will not be able to imagine what it is like," said Stephenson of her traveling partner, Allison Hope. "Going to Haiti was a huge culture shock. You cannot truly know without having been there."

Stephenson and Hope will meet with faculty and students of Faculte des Sciences Infirmieres de l'Universite Episcopale d'Haiti in Leogane or Faculty of Nursing Science of the Episcopal University of Haiti (FSIL) to assess the needs of the school.

The ECU College of Nursing has been communicating with FSIL since the fall of 2009. Since then, the International Ad Hoc Committee and the Diversity Advisory Council of ECU have been planning and working with FSIL to build a relationship between the two nursing schools.

Hope is an educational technology specialist and is responsible for determining the capability of the technology at FSIL, in order for ECU to create a distance education program. Click here to read her blog posts about the trip:

On this trip, Hope and Stephenson are bringing the information for a maternity nursing course and a high-level medical surgical nursing course. Many of the nursing professors at ECU are sharing their course information.

The board members of FSIL selected those two courses as the most needed at this time.

Hope is taking electronic versions of course syllabi, tests and course information for both classes and DVDs of the maternity course at ECU. The medical surgical course will be video recorded and sent to FSIL in the fall.

ECU and FSIL also are working with Jimmy Hite of Hite Associates to transfer books and other materials for students. Hite was the original architect for the school and is now makes regular trips to repair damages from the earthquake.

Crash courses are being offered in order to catch students up on courses missed following the earthquake. Students returned to class in April after being sent home in January.

Stephenson has offered her assistance for tutoring during the time she is visiting, but the main goal of the trip is to assess the needs of the school.

In April, the college of nursing held a diversity day that focused on fundraising and support for FSIL. Enough money was raised for 10 scholarships.

According to the U.S. government's aid website, the annual per capita income in Haiti is less than $400. Tuition is $800 for one year at FSIL and the first graduating class in 2005 consisted of 36 people.