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Martha Engelke, PhD, RN, CNE, FAAN

Nursing Science
Office: 4165K Health Sciences Building
Phone: (252) 744-6508

I have taught at the College of Nursing since 1979 when I was hired as a medical surgical instructor in the undergraduate program. My husband and I moved here from Michigan where I received my BSN from Michigan State University and my MPH in public health nursing and health education from the University of Michigan.  I received my PhD in sociology with a concentration in family and community health and a minor in health education occupations at North Carolina State University. I have worked in a variety of hospital and community settings and have taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently, I teach undergraduate research and quantitative methods in the doctoral program. For 5 years, I led a statewide initiative to develop a school nurse case management program to address the needs of students with chronic illnesses. The project was funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Health Care Trust. Since then I have continued to do research related to school nursing and students with chronic illness.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, cooking and going to the theater or musical performances. 


Research Interests

School Health Nursing and Students with Chronic Illness

The Relationship of Workload to Students Outcomes and School Nursing 

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Referred Articles/Papers

Harrington, M. K. & Engelke, M. K. (2016).  Health Literacy: Perceptions and Experiences of Pediatric Nephrology Interprofessional Team Members.  Nephrology Nursing Journal, 43 (1), 15-25.

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Engelke, M; Guttu, M; Warren, M, Swanson. (2008) “School Nurse Case Management for Children With Chronic Illness: Health, Academic, and Quality of Life Outcomes” Journal of School Nursing 24: 205-214.

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Engelke, M (1980) "Nursing in Ambulatory Settings-A Head Nurse Perspective" American Journal of Nursing 80: 1813-1815.


Book Chapters

Engelke, M.  (2008) Chapter 19 “Research in Community Health Nursing” in Public Health Nursing: Policy, Politics, and Practice by Ivanov, L; Blue, C (eds) Delmar Publishing.

Andrews, A; Engelke, M.(2002) "Chapter 20: “Conducting a Program Evaluation” in  Advanced Community Health Nursing Practice by Ervin, N (ed)  New Jersey:  Prentice-Hall.

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Books and Monographs

Non-Refereed Articles/Papers

Consultant Reports

Engelke, M (2015, 2016) “Midterm and Final Evaluation of Wake County School Nurse Program by Acuity”

Engelke, M (1984).  "Evaluation of Patient Education and Discharge Planning Attitudes of RN's and MD's at Pitt County Memorial Hospital.


Other Publications

Review of : Gereige, R; Zenni, E (Eds) (2016) School Health: Policy and Practice, 7th Edition published by the American Academy of Pediatrics for Doody Review Enterprises.

Engelke, M. (2012). Is there a student in the house? Opportunities and challenges to build evidence for nursing practice. Evolving Perspectives: 25th Anniversary Edition, Vidant Medical Center, 39-46.

Engelke, M. (1997).  A Comparison of Advanced Practice Nursing: A Guide to Professional Development and Advanced Practice Nursing:  Changing Roles and Clinical Applications.  Image:  The Journal of Nursing Scholarship.  29(1): 94-95.  (Book Review)

Engelke, M. (1984).  Developing Patient Teaching Plans:  A Self-Programmed Learning Module  Copyright:  Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

Engelke, M. (1982).  "Accepted Labels...Have Multiple Syllables" (letter and response) Nursing and Health Care, 9: 356-357.

Engelke, M; Goodson, B. (1981).  Understanding Diabetes, Pitt County Memorial Hospital.



Wake County Department of Health and Human Services (2016) contract awarded to evaluate the school health Program ($20,000), project director

Wake County Department of Health and Human Services (2015) contract awarded to evaluate the school health Program ($20,000), project director

Wake County Department of Health and Human Services (2014) contract awarded to evaluate the school health Program ($10,000), project director

Advanced Nurse Education Traineeship (2014) awarded by the Division of Nursing in the Health Resource and Service Administration to provide traineeships to graduate students. ($335,022), project director

Advanced Nurse Education Traineeship (2013)awarded by the Division of Nursing in the Health Resource and Service Administration to provide traineeships to graduate students. ($324,074), project director

North Carolina Board of Nursing (2013) contract to provide consultation related to research. ($1000), principal investigator

School-Based Interventions for Children with Chronic Illnesses (2008) awarded by the Kate B. Reynolds Health Care Trust ($309,030), principal investigator.

Building a Model School Health Program (2007) Consultation Contract with Bertie County Schools ($75,000) with Dr. Alta Andrews, consultant

Case Management Services for School Age Children (2006) awarded by the Kate B Reynolds Health Care Trust ($193,124) principal investigator

Partnering with Military Bases to Increase the Number of Men in Nursing submitted to the NC Center for Nursing with Philip Julian (PI) ($10,000), co-investigator

Student Nurse to RN Transition (2002) awarded by Pitt County Memorial Hospital ($49,100), grant writer/project liaison

Strengthening Public Health Content for Baccalaureate Nursing Students (2000) with Dr. Alta Andrews Health and Human Services, Division of Nursing ($25,000), co-principal investigator

Prevalence of Elevated Prenatal Blood lead Levels in a Rural Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Population (1999) with Robin Webb Corbett. Awarded by ECU School of Nursing Pilot Nursing Research Award, $500, co-investigator

Reducing Low Level Lead Poisoning in Children (1999) with R. Corbett (PI) awarded by Sigma Theta Tau International Beta Nu Chapter, $500 co-investigator

Reducing Low Level Lead Poisoning in Children (1999) with R. Corbett (PI) awarded by METS Laboratory ($2,000), co-investigator.

Improving Access to Care Through Tele-homecare (1999) awarded by the PCMH Hospital Foundation ($126, 403), Co-principal Investigator with Bonnie Britton

Patient Adaptation to Telehomecare (1998) awarded by Sigma Theta Tau, Beta Nu Chapter, ($500), Principal Investigator

A Pilot Project Using Hometelecare with Low Income Women with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (1998) awarded by the Healthy Start Foundation to University Home Care ($30,000) co-principal Investigator with Bonnie Britton

Community Health Option (1997-2000) awarded by Health and Human Services, HRSA, Division of Nursing” (#1-D23-NU-012701), ($514,575), Project Director

Evaluation of the CARE Project. (1995) Pitt County Health Department ($10,000), Co-Project Evaluator with Alta Andrews

Predictors of Maternal/Infant Interaction and Cognitive Development in High Risk Infants (1993). Research/Creative Activity Grant, East Carolina University  ($5500), Principal Investigator

Computer Assisted Instruction as a Teaching/Learning Tool (1983) M. Teaching Effectiveness Grant, East Carolina University ($1,328), with Ruckman, J; Wilkerson, co-Investigator

Fluid and Electrolyte Rummy. (1982) Teaching Effectiveness Grant, East Carolina University ($150); with E. Pierce, co-Investigator


Refereed Presentations

Daughtry, D. & Engelke, M. K. (2016) Demonstrating the Relationship Between School Nurse Workload and Student Outcomes.   National Association of School Nurses, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Powell, S. B. & Engelke, M. K. (2016). Quality of Life in School Age Children Living with Obesity.   Southern Nursing Research Society Annual Meeting, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Engelke, M. K. (2016). Etiquette and Ethics Related to Publishing.   National Association of School Nurses, Indianapolis, Indiana. (one session in a day long workshop for school nurses at the annual meeting, invited to participate by the editor)

Engelke, M. K., (2016) Care Coordination: What does it mean and how do you do it?  Invited Webinar for the National Association of School Nurses which was delivered synchronously March 9, 2016 and available for viewing at the NASN website.

Engelke, M (2013) “Building Evidence for Public Health Nursing Practice: Challenges and Opportunities” Annual Conference of ACHNE and APHN, Cary, NC (invited plenary speaker)

Engelke, M (2013) “School Nurse Case Management” Wake County Association of School Nurses, Raleigh, NC (invited speaker)

Engelke, M (2012) “The Case for Case Management by School Nurses: Improving Quality of Life for Students with Chronic Illness” 39th Meeting and Annual Conference of the American Academy of Nursing, Washington, DC (poster)

Engelke, M (2011)  “The Role of the School Nurse” Doctoral Seminar in Health Psychology, ECU Greenville, NC

Engelke, M (2011)   “Overview of School-based Case Management” invited presentation to Tom Ross, president of UNC System.

Engelke, M (2011)  “An update of the IOM Future of Nursing Report” Greenville, NC

Engelke, M; Guttu, M (2011)  “Outcomes, Leadership, and Advocacy for School Nursing” Durham, NC

Engelke, M; Guttu, M (2010) “School-based Case Management: Models and Resources” at the American      Federation of Teachers Leadership Development Conference Washington, DC. 

Engelke, M (2010) “School-Based Case Management: Assessment, Intervention and Strategies” Durham,     NC and Wilmington NC.

Engelke, M; Guttu (2009) “SUCCESS: Case Management for Children with Chronic Illness.” National         Association of School Nursing, Boston, Massachusetts.

Engelke, M. (2009) “Case Management for School Nurses”, AHEC Workshop, Winston-Salem, NC.

Engelke, M; Guttu (2008) “Case Management for Children with Chronic Illness.” National Association of School Nurses, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Engelke, M. (2008) “Case Management for School Nurses”  School Nurse Leadership Institute. Greenville, NC 

Engelke, M; Guttu, M; Warren, M. (2007) “School-based Case Management for Children with Chronic Illness” Sigma Theta Tau International Research Conference, Vienna, Austria

Engelke, M. (2006) PhD Brown Bag Seminar “Prevalence of Elevated Blood Pressure (BP) and Body Mass Index (BMI) in Rural School Children”

Wynn, J; Swanson, M; Engelke, M. (2006)   “Characteristics of Adult Patients Who Experience Code Blue Events”  Southern Nursing Research Society, 20th Annual Conference, Memphis, TN. (poster) and Collaborative Research Day, Greenville, NC

Engelke, M; King, C; Meadows, S; Swanson, M. “Prevalence of Elevated Blood Pressure (BP) and Body Mass Index (BMI) in Rural School Children” (2006)  Southern Nursing Research Society, 20th Annual Conference,  Memphis, TN. (presentation)

Engelke, M (2005) “A Celebration of Nursing Research at ECUSON” April 2005 Scholarly Activity. ECU School of Nursing, Greenville, NC.

Engelke, M (2004) “Grantsmanship” presentation at Public Health Nurse Leadership Conference and Eastern AHEC Continuing Education Program.

Engelke, M and Rose, MA (2004) “Strategic Planning for Research: Lessons from Baseball and Broadway”  Collaborative Research Day, Greenville, NC

Engelke, M; Britton, B. (2002)“Telehomecare:  The Patient’s Perspective” 16th Annual Conference of the Southern Nursing Research Society February 7-9, San Antonio, Texas, p. 276

Corbett, R. W., Engelke, M. & Andrews (2002) "Relationships Among Maternal Blood Lead Levels, Environmental Lead Exposure and Pregnancy Outcomes” 16th Annual Conference of the Southern Nursing Research Society. p. 276. San Antonio, Texas.

 Corbett, R. W. & Engelke, M. “Prevalence of Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Pregnant SED Women." (2001) Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society 36th Convention Indianapolis, Indiana.  

Engelke, M; Engelke, S. (2000) "Infant Temperament, Social Support, and Maternal Affect in High Risk Infants With and Without Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia" International Society on Infant Studies" 12th Biennial Conference on Infant Studies Brighton Center, Brighton, UK, also presented at ECUSON faculty development program.

Engelke, S; Engelke, M. (2000).  "Changing Outcomes at the Limits of Viability"  International Society on Infant Studies" 12th Biennial Conference on Infant Studies Brighton Center, Brighton, UK, also presented at ECUSON faculty development program

Engelke, M; Britton, B. (2000)  "Nursing Care via Telemedicine"  Leadership Institute II North Carolina Greenville, NC

Non-Referred Presentations

Invited Presentations


Special Projects/Faculty Development

Research Activities

Courses Taught

Currently teaching:

N4140 (Undergraduate Research). Face-to-Face class with 120-130 students (co-teach with Dr. Shannon Powell)

N8240 (Quantitative Methods). Hybrid course with 3-6 doctoral students. 


Dissertation Committees

Chair – Doctoral Committee

Powell, S. (2016) “Quality of Life in School-Age Children with Obesity, the Experience of School Nurses and Moral Distress Associated with Care Delivery”

Hand, M. (2015)  “Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave of Nursing Assistants in Hospitals”

Horne, C. (2014) “Complementary Pain Intervention Pilot Study in the Acute Hospitalization Phase after Amputation Surgery”.

Smith, L. (2012)  “ Student Retention in Associate Degree Nursing Programs in North Carolina”.

Wilson, M. (2010) “The Relationship between Religiosity and Quality of Life in patients with Implantable       Cardioverter Defibrillators.

Crickmore, K. (2010) “The Relationship Between Patient Satisfaction and Patient-Centered Care”

Langley, M. (2009) “Pain Management after Cardiac Surgery”

Wynn, J. (2007) “The Front Line of Patient Safety:  Nurses’ Actions and Perceptions in Rapid Response Team Calls”.

Marshburn, D.  (2007) “Clinical Competence, Satisfaction, and Intent to Stay in New Nurses”

Scott, Elaine (2005) “The Transition of New Nurse Graduates into the Workplace”


Member-Doctoral Committee

Cleaton (current, College of Education) “Predictors of Student Success in the RIBN Project

Kidd, S (current) “Measurement of Clinical Judgment During Simulation Using the Creighton Competency Evaluation Instrument”

Drake, D. (2014) “Nurse Leader Behavior and Patient Safety”

Chatman, M. “Self-Efficacy in Freshman and Sophomore Nursing Students” (2012)

Chatman, M “Leadership in Minority Nurses” (in progress)

Duke, C. “Orientation of Acute Care Nurse Practitioners” (2010)

Lake, D “Health Promotion in School-Age Children (Tourno University) (2010) 

DNP Project Committees

Chair-DNP Project

Harrington, M. (2015) “Health Literacy Perception and Experience among Pediatric Nephrology Interprofessional Team Members”


Member-DNP Project

Mulholland, A (2016) Clinic Staff Adherence to the CDC’s STD Treatment Guidelines: A QI Initiative in a Local Health Department


Special Assignments/Faculty Development



2016                            Board of Directors, SRAPAS Arts Series

2016                            5 Year Review Committee, Vice Chancellor Horns

2015                            Research and Creative Activity Superjudge

2015                            James Talton Leadership Award

2014-15                        Enhancing and Growing the Research Enterprise (EGRE) in Education

2012-2014                    Associate Dean Research Council

2012                             University Grant Committee

2012-present                 Agromedicine Institute Board of Directors/Partners

2012, 2014                   Committee to develop resubmission of proposal to be recognized as an engaged university

2012                             Super Judge, Research and Creative Activity Week

2012                             Sedona Task Force

2012                             Co-chair OSP/OGC Task Force

2011                             Search Committee for Quality Assurance Specialist

2011-2013                     Undergraduate Research Committee

2011                             Research Development Grants Review Committee

2011                             Center for Health Disparities Educational Core

2011-2014                     Review panel for James L. Talton Servant Leader Award

2011                             Public Service Committee, SACS                     

2010                             Search Committee Associate Dean of Graduate Program

2010                             SACS Public Service Work Group

2010                             Health Care and Medical Innovation Task Force

2005-present                 PCMH/ECU Advisory

2009-2010                    Faculty Reassignment Work Group

2009-2010                    Metabolic/Cardiovascular Research Institute Steering Committee

2008-2010                    Judge for Research Week presentations

2008                             Search Committee Founding Dean of the Dental School

2008                             Task Force on the Scholarship of Engagement

2008-present                 Phi Kappa Phi Steering Committee

2007-2008                    Planning Committee Carnegie Classification as an Engaged University

2007-2008                    Search Committee for Inaugural Dean of the Dental School

2006-07                        Organizational Structure Assessment Team

2005-2006                    Reviewer, Undergraduate Research Day submissions

2005-2006                    Reviewer, Undergraduate Research Awards

2005-2009                    Health Sciences Research Council

2005-2006                    Health Science Strategic Planning

2005-2008                    University Research Council

2005-2006                    Task Force on Graduate Education

2005-present                 Associate Deans for Research Council

2004-present                 PCMH Research Committee

2004-2005                    Health Disparity Committee (with PCC, chair Peter Kragel)

2004-present                 Bariatric Nurse Consortium

2004-2005                    Faculty Advisor for ECUSON student fundraiser for Tsunami Relief

2004-2005                    University Strategic Planning

2004-2005                    Health Sciences Division Strategic Planning

2004-present                 Undergraduate Research Committee

2004-2005                    Moderator, Undergraduate Research Symposium

2004-2005                    Member, Sub-Committee for call for grant proposals

2002-2004                     Faculty Senate

2001-2004                     Office of Sponsored Program Advisory Committee

2001-02                        Faculty Senate Alternate

2001-02                        Vice Chancellor Search Committee

2001-2004                     Faculty Governance

1998-2000                     Honorary Degree

1998-2001                     Educational Policies and Procedures, vice chair

1998-2004                     MPH Planning

1997-2005                     Division of Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Task Force

1995-1997                     Honors Committee

1995-1997                     Faculty Senate

1994-1995                     Health Sciences Informatics Committee

1994-1995                     Health Sciences Distance Learning Committee

1993-1994                     Ad Hoc Chancellor Committee on Contract System

1991-1995                     Faculty Senate

1991-1997                     Due Process

1992-1995                     Faculty Welfare                                               

1989-1990                     Faculty Senate                         

1986-1988                     Faculty Senate                         

1982-1984                     Faculty Senate             

1983-1984                     Secretary of the Faculty Senate 

1989-1992                     Faculty Computer Committee               

1990-1991                     Secretary, Faculty Computer Committee

1987-1988                     Teaching Effectiveness Committee

1986-1987                     Committee of Committees

1986-1987                     Secretary, Committee of Committees

1983-1984                     Agenda Committee

1982-1984                     Teaching Grants Committee


School (College) of Nursing

2015-present                 Chair, Faculty Organization and Faculty Council

2014-2015                    Chair, Research Committee

2014-2015                    Unit Assessment Committee

2014-2015                    Strategic Planning Committee

2014                             Search Committee for Graduate Department Chair

2012-present                 ECCNL Board of Directors

2012-present                 PhD Admissions Committee

2012-present                 Tenure Committee

2012-2015                    Siegfried Lowin Visiting Scholar Planning Committee

2012                             Coordinated NLN Publish don’t Perish Workshop with K. Sitzman

2011                             Chair, Undergraduate Curriculum Task Force II

2010                             Task Force to Revise Criteria for Promotion and Tenure

2008-2009                    Chair, Search Committee for Richard Eakin Endowed Professorship

2005-2014                    Executive Committee

2005-present                 Dean’s Cabinet

2005-2006                    Chair, Bariatric Clinical Affairs

2005-2013                    Center for Nursing Leadership Steering Committee

2004-present                 PhD Advisory Committee

2004-2005                    Chair, Search Committee for Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Program

2002-2004                    Task Force on Graduate for Doctoral Education Courses

2001-2004                    Graduate Faculty Affairs

2001-2004                    Chair, Research Committee

2001-2013                    Collaborative Research Day Committee

2001-2003                    Search Committee for Associate Dean of Research

2000-2001                    Chair, Curriculum Workgroup Community Health, Member Parent/Child Workgroup

2000-2001                    Chair, Search Committee for Associate Dean of Research

1998-1999                    Technology Oversight Committee

1995-2000                    Graduate Curriculum Committee (chair 1997-1999)

1996-1999                    Graduate Student Organization Advisor

1996-1997                    Departmental Chair Search Committee

1990-2001                    Faculty Advisory Board

1995-2001                    School of Nursing Development Committee

1995                             Faculty Retreat Committee

1995-1997                    RN/MSN Committee

1994-1995                    Strategic Planning Committee

1994-1995                    Chair, Faculty Retreat Committee

1993-1996                    Graduate Policy Committee

1993-1994                    NLN Evaluation Committee

1993-1995                    Nurse Practitioner Committee

1992-1994                    Chair, Search Committee for Associate Dean for Research and Evaluation

1989-1993                    Research Committee

1991, 92-93                  Chair, Research Committee

1992                             Chair, Search Committee for Director of Research

1992                           Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on The Image of  Nursing                       

1991-1992                    Informatics Committee

1990-1991                    Graduate Program Subcommittee on Program Development

1989-1990                    Search Committee, Dean of the School of Nursing

1986-1989                    Graduate Policy Committee

1987-1989                    Agenda and Code Committee

1987-1988                    Parliamentarian, Agenda and Code Committee

1988-1989                    Reorganization Task Force

1988-1989                    Chair, Curriculum Change Committee

1988-1989                    Search Committee, Student Services

1985-1987                    Continuing Education Committee

1986-1987                    Chair, Continuing Education Committee

1985-1986                    Ad Hoc Committee for Chancellor Selection, Secretary

1980-1984                    Evaluation Committee

1982-1983                    Appeals Committee

1981-1982                    Task Force on Clinical Practice, Chair

1980-1982                    Professional Development Committee


American Association of Colleges of Nursing

2016-present                 Manuscript Reviewer for Nursing Outlook

2015-2016                    Committee to write Policy Statement related to School Nursing

2006-2010                    AACN Research Leadership Network Advisory Board, chair (2008-09)


Health Science Division Committee

2012-2014                    Research Committee


National Association of School Nurses

2016-present                 Acuity Task Force (co-chair)

2015-present                 Editorial Advisory Board (Journal of School Nursing)

2014-present                 Research Advisory Committee

2012-2014                    Ad hoc Committee to explore the development of a regional research network

2008-present                 Manuscript Reviewer Journal of School Nursing

2008-2010                    Editorial Board, Journal of School Nursing


National Association of School Health

2012                             Research paper reviewer

2009-2013                    Member, Research Interest Group

2009                             Conference Abstract Reviewer


North Carolina Board of Nursing

2011-2015                    Member, Research Committee.


North Carolina Nurses Association

1999-2011                    Nominating Committee, Chair

1998            Delegate 1998 Convention

  1.             Nominating Committee, Constituent Association 30

1985                             NCNA AdHoc Committee on Credentialing

1982-83                        Secretary, District 30


Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society

2011-2014                    Chair, Beta Nu Research Committee (current member)

2009                             Abstract Reviewer

2007, 2008                   Sigma Theta Tau International Conference Abstract Reviewer and Scholarship selection committee reviewer

2005-2006                      Beta Nu Chapter Research Committee

2004-2005                     Media Awards Reviewer

2004-2005                    Chair, Silent Auction Committee, Beta Nu Chapter

2004-2005                    Chair, Research Committee, Beta Nu Chapter

2000                             Chair, Region 7 Information Technology Awards Committee

1997-2001                    Co-chair Silent Auction Committee, Chair Nominating Committee

1994-1996                    President, Beta Nu Chapter, member of review committee for media awards

1996-2001                    Member, Sigma Theta Tau International Publications Committee

1997                             Chair, Regional Research Advancement Award Committee

1992-1994                    President Elect, Representative to North Carolina Consortium, Strategic Planning

1991-1992                    Chair, Research Committee

1989-1992                    Research Committee

1986-1987                    Eligibility Chair

1985-1987                    Counselor

1983-1985                    Vice President, Program Chair


Southern Nursing Research Society

2012-2015                    Grant and Awards Committee

2003-2006                    Conference Abstract Reviewer

1993-1995                    Conference Abstract Reviewer


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

2009-2013     Nurse Faculty Scholar Program Mentor

2010     I provided input, review and editing for the monograph “Unlocking the Potential of School Nursing: Keeping Children Health, In School and Ready to Learn. A picture of one of our school nurse participants and a vignette by our project coordinator   are featured in the publication.

2010-2011    Represented North Carolina at the National meeting related to the IOM Report on the Future of Nursing, served on the Steering Committee for the North Carolina  stakeholders meeting.


Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science

2008, 2012                   Abstract Reviewer for State of the Science Conference



2014-present                 Michigan State University College of Nursing Alumni Board

2012-present                 PCMH (Vidant) Research Committee

2012                             Collaborative Research Day Committee, Grant and Abstract Reviewer

2012                             Consultation to School Nurses in Robeson County (manuscript) and Wake County (case management)

2009                             Manuscript Reviewer Journal of Infection Control

2008                             Manuscript Reviewer Journal of Public Health Management and Practice

2007-2008                    Evaluation Team RWJ Grant (PCMH)

2006                             GAANN Grants Reviewer for the Department of Education

2006                             External Tenure Review for UNC Greensboro

2005-2006                    Pitt County Memorial Hospital Research Council

2005-2008                    HRSA Evaluation Team (for Pitt County Memorial Hospital)

2005-present                 Pitt County Memorial Hospital/ECU Advisory Council

Service Learning Activities

Special Projects

Honors and Awards

2016            Recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from Michigan State University College of Nursing

2016             Recipient of the Daisy Award for Excellence in Teaching in Doctoral Education

2014            Recipient of ECU Community Engagement Scholar Award

2009-2014        Richard R. Eakin Distinguished Professor of Nursing

2013            Inducted as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing

2013            Outstanding mentor award, Sigma Theta Tau Beta Nu Chapter

2012             Certified Nurse Educator

2012             Faculty Author Recognition

2012             Sigma Theta Tau, Beta Nu Chapter, Excellence in Mentoring Award

2012             Invited Commencement speaker Michigan State University School of Nursing

2012             East Carolina University Teacher/Scholar Award

2011             Inducted into the first cohort of the ECU College of Nursing Hall of Fame

2011             Interviewed by “San Diego Today” for a story on school nursing.

2010            Featured in “A Heritage of Distinction” alumni calendar Michigan State University 60th Anniversary                   

2010            Featured faculty member in “Edge”-Publication of ECU Research and Graduate Studies

2009            Richard R. Eakin Distinguished Professor of Nursing

2008            Outstanding Research Award given by the National Association of School Nurses

2005             Excellence in Research Award- Sigma Theta Tau Beta Nu Chapter

2005-11       Author Recognition Award-Health Sciences Division

2002            Certified Mammacare Specialist

2000             Faculty Award from International Studies to support travel to present a research poster at the International Conference on Infant Studies in Brighton, England. ($750)       

2000            Nominee, Chancellor's Synergy Award

1999             Information Technology Award for Clinical Practice, Telehomecare at University Home Care Sigma Theta Tau International

1999            Distinguished Writer, Sigma Theta Tau International

1999            Region 7 Information Technology Award, Telehomecare Project at University Home Care, Sigma Theta Tau International

1998            Nominated for Outstanding Community Health Nurse, District 30, North Carolina Nurses Association

1998            Outstanding Leadership Award, Sigma Theta Tau Beta Nu Chapter

1997            Nominee for University Alumni Teaching Excellence Award

1997            Finalist, Board of Governor Award for Excellence in Teaching                   

1995            Teaching Excellence Award, East Carolina University School of Nursing

1994             Chapter Leader Paper Award, Sigma Theta Tau Regional Assembly, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

1993             Excellence in Research Poster Award, Sigma Theta Tau Regional Assembly, Charleston, SC

1992            Who's Who in American Nursing

1989            Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society

1989            Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society

1987            Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

1987            Finalist, East Carolina University Alumni Teaching Excellence Award

1984            Who's Who of American Nursing

1984            Outstanding Faculty Member Award given by Senior Class

1980            Certified Clinical Specialist, Medical Surgical Nursing                          

1976            Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society