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Barbara Kellam, PhD, MS, RN, BFA

Clinical Assistant Professor
Advanced Nursing Practice & Education
Office: 3118 Health Sciences Building
Phone: (252) 367-0719


Ph.D. Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georiga,  Nursing                                                           2005                                                                 

M.S./ARNP. University of South Florida,  Psychiatric Adult Mental Health Nursing                              1987
BSN Medical College of Georgia SON at Athens, Athens, Georgia, Nursing,                                      1978
B.F.A. University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, Drawing and Painting,                                                 1974
American Holistic Nurses Association                                                                                                   2015-present
American Mensa                                                                                                                                   1996-present

The International Association for the study of the Philosophy of Edith Stein                                        2014-present
Southern Nurses Research Society                                                                                                      2003-present
Sigma Theta Tau                                                                                                                                   1985-present

Research Interests

Central auditory system development among preterm infants---impact of high frequency noise

Edith Stein's contribution to Husserlian phenomenology

Visual arts as a means to Personhood

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Referred Articles/Papers

Kellam, B. C., & Bhatia, J. (2009). Effectiveness of an acoustical product in reducing high frequency sound within unoccupied incubators. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 24, 338-343.

Kellam, B. C., & Bhatia, J. (2008). Sound Spectral Analysis in the NICU: High Frequency Noise. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. 23, 317-323.

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Non-Refereed Articles/Papers


2008-2009: Kellam, B. C., Cummings, J. C. , & Wu, Q., Reduced high frequency sound among hospitalized
preterm infants: Improved growth, Principal Investigator. Our study proposed to describe the differences in
growth parameters between preterm infants randomized to either usual (control) high frequency e 1 kHz (HF)
sound or reduced HF (treatment) sound environments. Specifically, this interdisciplinary pilot project between
nursing and medicine will generate preliminary data needed for NIH/NINR R21 funding. Seventy-six subjects
will be enrolled in a randomized, repeated measures, two-group longitudinal design. We hypothesize that the
treatment incubator cover will reduce HF sound within incubators resulting in improved growth in preterm
infants. Findings will assist neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners and nurses caring for preterm infants
in providing a sound environment that supports normal growth and development.

2007-2008: Kellam, B. C. Small Grant Award, Principal Investigator, Office of Research and Scholarship,
ECUSON. The grant funded rental of sound spectral analysis equipment which was used to compare control
and treatment conditions of an unoccupied incubator. .
Not Funded
2008-2009 [Year 1 of 3]: Kellam, B. C., Engelke, M., & Cummings, J. C., Reduced high frequency sound in the
NICU environment: Preterm infant outcomes, PRI-Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The proposed research
is a two-group, repeated measures, interventional study with random assignment either to control or
treatment group. The treatment is an incubator cover designed to reduce sound frequencies e 1000 hertz.
This study is designed to enroll a sufficient number of subjects to detect a large effect from the treatment.
The non-nursing mentor, Section Head of Neonatology, helped me identify methods to reduce confounding
variables noted in previous research. Results of the research sponsored by the RWJF will be used to support
an NIH proposal which will unite my research with Diane Holditch-Davis and Debra Brandon to describe the
development of sleep states in reduced high frequency sound conditions. The third phase of my research
trajectory will focus on relationship of chronic high frequency sound exposure in preterm infants to poor
frequency discrimination at school age. Poor frequency discrimination hinders language development resulting
in a cascade of learning disabilities. If reducing exposure to high frequency sound successfully improves child
developmental outcomes, savings in the costs of special education will accrue to society.

Refereed Presentations

Elhammoumi, C. V., & Kellam, B. (2016, June). Art Images in Holistic Nursing.   Second International Spirituality in Healthcare Conference "Nurturing the Spirit", Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Ireland.

Elhammoumi, C. V. & Kellam, B. C. (2016, June). Art Images in Holistic Nursing Education. American Holistic Nurses Association, Orlando, Florida.

Elhammoumi, C. V. & Kellam, B. C. (2016, February). Art Images in Holistic Nursing Education.25th Annual Collaborative Research Day, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.

Kellam, B. C., Cummings, J., Joyner, R., & Grey-Swaby, S. (2009). Reducing high frequency sound: Growth Parameters.  18th Annual CNRD, East Carolina University,  Greenville,   North Carolina.


Kellam, B. C., Bhatia, J., Bunting, S., & Waller, J. (2006-2007, January). Kellam, B., Bhatia, J., Bunting, S., & Waller, J. Acoustical Incubator Covers: Results of a Dissertation Study. Physical and Developmental Environment of the High-Risk Infant , Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Non-Referred Presentations

Kellam, B. (2014). "Art as a Community Reaction to Disaster". Presentation, Diversity Day, East Carolina University CON, Greenville, NC.

Kellam, B. (2014)  Pre-licensure clinical post conference program. "Coping With Nurse Stressors: Art as Self Renewal"
November 19, 2014, East Carolina University CON, Greenville, NC.

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Courses Taught

NURS 6003, NURS 6992, NURS 6081 Research Utilization for Advanced Nursing Practice

NURS 6001, NURS 6080 Philosophical Perspectives and Theoretical Bases of Advanced Nursing Practice

NURS 8220 Philosophy of Science

NURS 6906 Evaluation in Nursing Education

NURS 6612 Family Advanced Nursing Practice

NURS 6083 Healthcare Economics


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NURS 8225 Directed Research "Visual Art in Pre-licensure Education"


Abstract Reviewer

     Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science 2008

     Southern Nurses Research Society                     2006-2009

Book Reviewer

      Inside Health Care Neonatal intensive care -Who decides? Who pays? Who can afford?

      www.benthamscience.com/ebooks                       2013

Journal Peer-Reviewer

     Journal of Pediatric Nursing                                 2009-2016

     JOGGN                                                                2009-2016

     Pediatrics                                                             2013



College Assignments


2015-2016; 2016-2017: Nominating and Recognition Committee


2011-2012 – 2012-2013: Faculty Handbook revision Task Force: Team leader/editor of Faculty
Handbook revision Task Force.


2012-2013:  Task force to track Alternate Entry students: My department chair and I were tasked with tracking  70+ Alternate Entry students from Phase 1 to concentration acceptance.

2009-2010 – 2010-2011:  Task Force Tenure and Promotion guidelines revision: Task Force charged with revision of criteria for achieving tenure and promotion.

2009-2010:  Task Force Welcoming new Faculty to ECU: Task Force charged with creating an online, anonymous tool to solicit perceptions of orientation and entree into the ECU CON community.  

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2008-2009:  Patent Committee: Reviews University held patents in progress.  

2008-2009:  Search for Nurse Scientist: The search committee is for the Richard Eakins Endowed Chair---Nurse Scientist.  


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2015-2016; 2016-2017: Nursing Graduate Student Distance Education Competencies:

Honors and Awards

Elhammoumi, C. and Kellam, B. (2016): Best Synthesis of the Literature, College of Nursing 25th Annual Collaborative Research Day, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC..

March, 2005:  Sigma Theta Tau, Beta Omicron Chapter Best Research Poster

May, 2002:     Vickie and Clifford Lambert Award for Excellence in Writing, School of Nursing,

                       Medical College of Georgia