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Dianne Marshburn, PhD, RN, NE-BC

Clinical Instructor
Advanced Nursing Practice & Education
Office: 3166 C Health Sciences Building
Phone: (252) 744-6463


Research Interests

Magnet Culture impact on nurse retention and patient outcome

Nursing Sensitive Quality Indicators

Aging Nursing Workforce

Nurse Transition

Patient Experience


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Referred Articles/Papers

Wolf, J. Niederhauser, V., Marshburn, D, LaVela, S. (2014) Defining Patient Experience:  Considerations for Leaders,  Patient Experience Journal.  White Paper  (December 2014)

Kuykendall, J. Marshburn, D. Poston, C., Mears, D.  (2014) ‘Experienced Nurses’ Level of Engagement Priority Areas for Nurse Executives” Journal of Nursing Administration  46(10)  546-551.

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Book Chapters

Books and Monographs

Non-Refereed Articles/Papers

Zinn, B, Argenbright, R, Jorgensen, B, Marshburn, D. et al.  (1997). The Road to an Interdisciplinary Plan of Care.  Perspectives on Patient Care.  Fall, 12- 16.

Marshburn, D and Jobe, A.  (1993). Nurse Physician Collaboration.  Perspectives on Patient Care.  Fall.


Zinn, B, Kuykendall, J & Marshburn, D. Retaining Nurses and Enhancing Care – HRSA NEPR awarded (five year grant, 2004 to 2010)

                                Chair of Evaluation Team (2005-2010)

                                 Project Director (2010 – 2011)

Kuykendall, J. & Marshburn, D. “Fanning the Flame:  A retention Project for Experience Nurse”.  Awarded by RWJ Wisdom at Work 2006 to 2009. – (co-author).  $75,000

Schreier, A, Marshburn, D., Moses, D., Peery, A., & Ouellette, P. “The Characteristics of Alternate Entry MSN Students” – awarded PCMH/ECU Collaborative Grant Program.  $1,000

Refereed Presentations


“Work Engagement in Experienced Nurses” 2011 International Administrator Nursing Research Conference, Denver Colorado.

October 2011

“Factors Impacting Employee Engagement in Today’s Multi- Generational Workforce” 2010 Aging in America NCOA-ASA Conference, Chicago, IL.

March 2010

“New Nurses are Not Alike:  Meeting Diverse Transition Needs of Newly Licensed Nurses” NC Nursing Excellence Foundation for Best and Promising Practices in Preceptor Preparation and Role Development.  Chapel Hill, NC.

March 2009

“Fanning the Flame:  A Retention Project for Experienced Nurses” 2008 LEAD Summit, Washington DC.

June 2008

“Strategies on Recruitment and Retention of Men in Nursing" Annual Assembly Men in Nursing, Nashville, Tenn.  Dec. 2002 (co-presenter)

December 2002

 “Strategies in Serving Vulnerable Population”, National Disaster Management Conference - April 2001, Dallas Texas.

April 2001


“Staff Perception of Belief, Organizational Readiness, and Implementation of Evidence Base Practice” Abstract accepted for poster presentation: 2014 ANCC Magnet Conference: in Dallas, Tx.

Oct 2014

“Nurse Perception of Individual Belief on Evidence Base Practice and Organizational Readiness, Vidant Medical Center/ECU CON Collaborative Research Day, Greenville, NC Feb 2014 (co-presenter)

February 2014

“Eastern North Carolina Wildfire Study: Adverse Health Effects of PM2.5 Exposure in BioMass Smoke:  Mills Symposium Farooqui M, Devlin R,  Carraway MS, Rappold A, Meredith J,  Gilmour MI, Williams R, McDonald  K, Cleve W,  Marshburn D, Stone S, Kilaru V, Cascio WE. Greenville, NC February 2010. (co-presenter)

February 2010

 “RWJ Wisdom at Work:  Retaining Experienced Nurses: 2009 NCNA Convention, Raleigh, NC, October 2009.

October 2009

  “Retaining Nurses and Enhancing Care:  Progression of a New Model” North Carolina Organization of Nurse Leaders, New Bern, NC. May 2009. (co-presenter)

May 2009

“RWJ Wisdom at Work:  Retaining Experienced Nurses” PCMH/ECU CON Collaborative Research Day, Greenville, NC Feb. 2009. (co-presenter)

February 2009

“RWJ Wisdom at Work:  Retaining Experienced Nurses”.   RWJ Wisdom at Work 2nd Annual Meeting, Princeton N.J. October 2008.  (co-presenter) Poster Presentation.

Clinical Competence, Job Satisfaction, Intent to Stay of New Nurses” 2008 PCMH/ECU Collaborative Research Day. Greenville, NC. February 29, 2008

February 2008

“Retaining Nurses and Enhancing Care:  Progression of a New Model” HRSA 2008 Annual Summit Meeting, Washington DC, Feb 2008. (co-presenter)

February 2008

“North Carolina Hospital Magnet Coalition” North Carolina Nurses Association, Raleigh, NC. October 2007.

October 2007

 “North Carolina Hospital Magnet Coalition”.  ANCC Annual Magnet Meeting, Atlanta, Ga. October 2007.

October 2007

 “North Carolina Hospital Magnet Coalition”.  North Carolina Organization of Nurses Leaders in Asheville, NC, September 2007

September 2007

“Staff Nurse Perception of Clinical Instructor’s Role”, 15th Annual ECU/PCMH Collaborative Research Day, Greenville, NC, Feb 24, 2006

February 2006

 “Staff Nurse Perception of Clinical Instructor’s Role”, Southern Nursing Research Society Conference in Memphis, Feb 2-4, 2006.

February 2006

Non-Referred Presentations

Invited Presentations


“North Carolina Magnet Coalition: Past, Present and Future” NCONL Issues: Ideas and Innovations Meeting, Hickory, NC.

May 2008

“The Success of Nursing Inquiry and Collaborative Research:  Leading Bariatric

Care Through Forces of Magnetism”. Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, Richmond, VA.

January 2008

Clinical Competence, Job Satisfaction, Intent to Stay of New Nurses” Pitt County Memorial Hospital Grand Rounds  (Dissertation presentation)

April 2007

 “How to Get Started with Nursing Research”, Back to the Basic Workshop, Nov. 17, 2006, Chapel Hill, NC. (panelist)

November 2006

“ Measuring Outcomes in Existing Transition Programs” AHRQ Funded Program on Building an Evidence-Based Transition to Nursing Practice, Chapel Hill, NC September 20, 2005

September 2005

“Strategic Planning to Advance Nursing Research: PCMH Current Status, 13th Annual ECU/PCMH Collaborative Research Day, February 27, 2004.

February 2004

“Measuring Continuing Competence of Health Care Practitioners:  Where are we now? – Where are We Headed” – Sponsored by Citizen Advocacy – National Summit to Develop Strategies for Assuring Health Care Professionals Remain Competent - San Francisco, CA – July 17, 2003 (panelist)

July 2003

“PCMH Role with West Pharmaceutical Explosion”, Eastern Regional Hospital Executive Meeting, Kinston, NC - March 2003. (panelist)

March 2003



Special Projects/Faculty Development

Research Activities

Staff Perception of Belief, Organizational Readiness, and Implementation of Evidence Base Practice. (Co-Investigator)

2011- 2014

Perception of Nurse Manager’s Responsibilities, (Co-Investigator)


Nurse Engagement in Experienced Nurses, (Co-Investigator)


North Carolina Foundation of Nursing Excellence: Transition to Practice Project (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III) (site coordinator)


RWJ Wisdom at Work:  Retaining Experienced Nurses:  Part II. (Co-investigator)

2007 – 2008

RWJ Wisdom at Work:  Retaining Experienced Nurses: Part 1 (Co-investigator)

2007 – 2008

Relationship of New Nurse Characteristics, Clinical Competency, Satisfaction & Intent to Stay (dissertation)


Characteristics of Alternate Entry MSN Students – (Co-investigator)


National Magnet Research Agenda Study – Site Coordinator


New Graduate Nursing Experience

2005 – 2007

Staff Nurse Perception in Clinical Faculty Support Role


Recruitment and Retention of Men in Nursing (Co Investigator)

2001– 2002

AACN Thunder Project II  (Site Coordinator)

1999 – 2000

Leadership Characteristics for Nurse Managers (co-investigator)

1999 – 2000

Hospital Restructuring and Impact on Outcome.  3-year multi-site study.  University of Pennsylvania  (Site Coordinator)

1996 – 1999

Influence of Self-esteem, Anxiety, and Coping on Senior Baccalaureate Nursing Student’s’ Stress Response (co-investigators).  Replication of Master research:  Investigation of

1987 – 1988

Courses Taught

Nurs 8269    DNP Scholarly Practicum I

Nurs 8272    DNP Scholarly Practicum II

Nurs 8274    DNP Scholarly Practicum III

Nurs 8277    DNP Scholarly Practicum IV

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DNP Project Committees

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