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Amelia Ross, DNP, APRN, CCNS

Clinical Assistant Professor
Advanced Nursing Practice & Education
Office: 3185 Health Sciences Building
Phone: (252) 744-6457
Email: rossa@ecu.edu

Dr. Amelia Ross is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Advanced Practice Nursing and Education.  She is a graduate of the ECU Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) concentration and an advocate for the CNS role and practice.


Dr. Ross’s academic career has focused on instruction of graduate students as advanced practice Clinical Nurse Specialists in the adult gerontology and neonatal populations.  She is a strong advocate for the CNS in participation in the establishment of the North Carolina Affiliate of National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, North Carolina Nurses Association CNS Council, and work with the North Carolina Board of Nursing in CNS practice regulation.   Her DNP scholarly project focused on “The Impact of the North Carolina Board of Nursing Regulation Change on Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice”.

Prior to her academic position, Dr. Ross practiced as a pulmonary/critical care medicine CNS at two large academic medical centers and a large community health system.  Her practice interests included early mobility of mechanically ventilated patients and oral care in the prevention of ventilator acquired pneumonia.  She holds an active national certification from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses as an acute and critical care CNS.

Research Interests

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Referred Articles/Papers

Morris, P., Griffin, L., Berry, M., Thompson, C., Hite, D., Winkelman, C., Hopkins, R., Ross, A. et al. (2011). Receiving early mobility during an ICU admission is a predictor of outcomes in acute respiratory failure. American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 341(5): 373-377.

Ross, A. & Morris, P. (2010). Probing progressive mobility. Executive Health Care Management, November, 49.

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Ross, A. & Crumpler, J. (2007). The impact of an evidence-based practice education program on the role of oral care in the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia.  Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 23, 132-136.

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Crumpler, J. & Ross, A. (2005). Development of an alcohol withdrawal protocol. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 20(4), 297-302.

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Non-Refereed Articles/Papers

Ross, A. (2015). Impact of the North Carolina Board of Nursing Regulation Change on Clinical Nurse Specialists (DNP Scholarly Project). Retrieved from The ScholarShip. (http://thescholarship.ecu.edu/handle/10342/5065)

Ross, A. & Morris, P. (2010). Progressive mobility in critical care: Safety and barriers to care. Critical Care Nurse, S1-19.


2017   ECU/Vidant Medical Center Collaborative Research Day:  Linder, J. & Ross, A.   Sensory Stimulation: An Intervention in Critically Ill Patients with Altered Mental Status to Reduce Restraint Utilization (Unfunded)

2016   ECU/Vidant Medical Center Collaborative Research Day:  Craven, I., Denton, P., Perry, G., Horne, C., & Ross, AEvidence Based Practice Project Failure to Rescue: Nursing Grand Rounds/Nursing Virtual Grand Rounds (Unfunded)

Refereed Presentations

Abstracts/Poster Presentations

Ross, A. (2016). Impact of a regulation change on clinical nurse specialist practice in North Carolina: A DNP scholarly project.  NACNS Annual Convention March 3-5, 2016:  Accepted, not presented.

Ross, A., Harrelson, B., Kearney, K., Murphy, B., Sherer, A., & Zinn, J. (2012). Influencing outcomes in the nurse/nurses sphere:  Gaming for a brain, a heart, and the courage on the journey to evidence-based practice and research. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 26(2): E26.

Paton, M. & Ross, A. (2012). Oral Care: Not Just for Intubated Patients Anymore! Implementation of an evidence-based oral care protocol. Critical Care Nurse, 32(2): e53.

Ross, A. & Sanders, S. (2011). Immersive critical care nursing:  A nonconventional certification review model. Critical Care Nurse, 31(2): 99.

Ross, A. (2011). Immersive learning: An innovative certification review model. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 25(3), 146. Accepted, not presented.  

Thompson, C., Goad, A., Taylor, K., Harry, B., Ross, A., et al. (2008). The role of a critical care nurse in the organization and management of an early ICU mobility team. Critical Care Nurse, 28 (2):e17.

Morris, P., Holbrook, A., Thompson, C., Taylor, K., Harry, B., Ross, A., et al. (2007). A mobility protocol for acute respiratory failure patients delivered by an ICU mobility team shortens hospital stay.  Critical Care Medicine, 34:A20.

Daniel, A., Owen, S., Ross, A., Pierce, C., Brown, J., Ashley, A., et al. (2007). A multi-department strategy for severe sepsis patient resuscitation.  Critical Care Medicine, 34:A519.

Crumpler, J. & Ross, A. (2007). Putting the evidence in education. Eleventh Annual National Magnet Conference.

Wahla A., Ross A., Brown J., Hyatt M., Williamson J., Bozeman J., Karchmer T., Passmore L., & Morris P.*. (*Senior Author). (2006). A multi-departmental strategy to implement the severe sepsis bundle.   American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 3:A49.


Student Mentoring: Poster Presentations:

Schultz, A., Mercier, M., & Ross, A. (2017). Using Qualitative Research Methods to Investigate Communication and Resilience Strategies among Nurses Working on a Geriatric Behavioral Health Medical Unit. NC Affiliate of NACNS Annual Education Conference, April 21, 2017, Greenville, North Carolina.

Passwater, C. & Ross, A. (2017). Post Bone Marrow Transplant: Improving Coordination & Return to Care for Revaccination in Primary Oncology Settings. NACNS Annual Conference, March 9-11, Atlanta, Georgia.  Recipient of the Student Poster Award.


Podium Presentations:

Ross, A. (2016). Impact of the North Carolina Board of Nursing Regulation Change on Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice.  North Carolina Affiliate of National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, Annual Education Conference, Concord, NC, April 15, 2016.

Ross, A. (2012). Influencing Critical Care Outcomes: Development of a Critical Care Rehabilitation Program.  National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) Annual Conference, March 2012.

Ross, A. (2012). The Role and Practice of the Clinical Nurse Specialist. North Carolina Board of Nursing, May 2012.  


Non-Referred Presentations

Invited Presentations

Ross, A. (2013).  Political and Professional Update for Advanced Practice Nurses in North Carolina: Clinical Nurse Specialists- The Story of Us. North Carolina Nurses Association, Psych Nurses Retreat, January 2013.

Ross, A. (2011).  The Role of the CNS in the Development of a Progressive Mobility Program. NC Affiliate of NACNS meeting, August 2011.

Ross, A., (2011).  Early Mobility in the ICU. AACN Gate City Chapter, November 2011.

Ross, A., (2010).  Early Mobility in the ICU. AACN Old Salem Chapter, September 2010.

Ross, A. (2009).  Impact of Early ICU Mobility in a panel discussion on Effect of Mobilization on Clinical and Functional Outcomes of Critically Ill Patients. American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, May 2009.  


Special Projects/Faculty Development

Research Activities

Courses Taught

NURS 6224- Acute Health Problems: Concepts and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice

NURS 6989- Clinical Practice for the CNS Across the Adult Lifespan                                                                                 

NURS 6960- Clinical Nurse Specialist Practicum I

NURS 6961- Clinical Nurse Specialist Practicum II

NURS 6962- Clinical Nurse Specialist Practicum III

NURS 6993- Advanced Nursing Synthesis

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  • Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (1996- )   
    • Beta Nu Chapter     


  • American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) (2005- )
    • Triangle Chapter of AACN (2013-2014)
    • Old Salem Chapter of AACN (2005-2013)
      • Immediate Past President (2011-2012)              
      • President (2010-2011)
      • President-Elect (2009-2010)
      • Secretary (2007-2009)


  • National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) (2008- )
    • NACNS Affiliate Advisory Committee (2013-2015)


  • North Carolina Affiliate of NACNS (2010- )
    • Immediate Past President (2014-2015)
    • President (2012-2014)
    • President-elect (2010-2011)


  • American Nurses Association (ANA) (2011- )


  • North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA) (2011- )
    • APRN Economic Impact Work Group (2014-2015)
    • APRN Legislative Action Work Group (2014-2015)                            
    • Clinical Nurse Specialist Council (2013- )
      • Co-Chair (2013-2015)
    • Commission on Advanced Practice Nursing (2012-2014)

Service Learning Activities

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Honors and Awards


1996: Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society - Inducted


2015: North Carolina Foundation for Nursing Mary Lewis Wyche Fellowship Scholarship

2006: Nursing Excellence, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston Salem, North Carolina