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Ann Schreier, RN, BSN, MSN, PhD

Associate Professor
Nursing Science
Office: 3137 Health Sciences Building
Phone: (252) 744-6355


Dr. Schreier is an Associate Professor.  Her educational background includes a BSN from Boston University, an MSN from University of California and a PhD from Stanford University. She has been a faculty member at ECU since 1992.  Her clinical areas include oncology and hospice care. 

Research Interests

I have two areas of interest: pain management and self-care for symptom management. 

In pain management, my work has involved the dissemination of latest evidence on the safe and effective practice of pain management.  The work has involved leadership within American Society for Pain Management Nurses and through representation on interdisciplinary groups.  I have served as the nursing representative on the federally funded grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.  In my role, I played a key role in advocating for the change in the title of grant from prescribers to providers and thus the grant became more reflective of multidisciplinary work.  Through this grant, free continuing education is provided nationally and the safe and effective practices are encouraged.  I have moderated  28 webinars that are available on the PCSS-O web site (www.pcss-o.org).  The book that I just recently published provides continuing education credits for those who wish to complete the course.  I have also published an article that promotes pain management for older adults who may experience delirium in the acute care setting. 

To promote symptom management, my work has involved the study of patient education, self-care behaviors and symptom distress.  I currently conducting a collaborative study testing the feasibility of a novel intervention to increase physical activity and to decrease symptom severity for breast cancer survivors.  The team includes an oncologist and a clinical psychologist.  We will deliver cognitive behavioral therapy to rural survivors through Podcast sessions.  I also am now engaged in promoting early detection of breast cancer through a local Susan G. Komen affiliate for uninsured women.  I am interested in determining best ways to promote screening in this underserved population.  I am also strongly committed to promoting health for breast cancer survivors and extending their survival. 

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Referred Articles/Papers

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Book Chapters

Schreier, A. M. & Droes, N. S. (2014) “Georgene Gaskill Eakes, Mary Lermann Burke and Margaret A. Hainsworth: Theory of Chronic Sorrow” A. M. Tomey A. and M. R.Alligood (Eds.). Nursing Theorists and Their Work, (8th Edition pp.609-625) St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier Mosby ISBN: 978-0-323-09194-7


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Books and Monographs

Schreier, A. M. (2014) Pain Management: Principles and Practices Brockton, Massachusetts: Western Schools SCI Publishing, INC ISBN: 978-1-57801-548-1

Non-Refereed Articles/Papers

McCance-Katz, E., Kane, W., & Schreier, A. (2013) Understanding Opioids: Part II. Medscape News http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/777592


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2016 Schreier, A. M. (P.I.), Kyle, B., & Vohra, N. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Breast Cancer submitted to ECU Division of Research Interdisciplinary Research Award $17,400 (funded for $13,400)


2015 Schreier, A. M. (P.I.) Mahar, M., Vohra, N., Muzaffar, M., Kyle, B., & Shaw, R. Breast Cancer Patients’ Symptoms: Pain, Fatigue, Sleep Disturbances and Mood Disorders submitted Intramural ECU CON (funded for $4,200) (Project period April, 2015- December 2016)


2014    Verbanac, K. (Co-PI) & Schreier, A. M. (Co-PI) Pitt and Wilson County Breast Cancer Wellness from Susan G. Komen North Carolina Triangle to Coast (Funded for $50,000) (Project period April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016).

Refereed Presentations

Schreier, A. M. (2016) Influencing health policy with pain management research 2016 Annual Conference American Society for Pain Management Nursing, Louisville, Kentucky


Schreier, A. M. (2016) Breast Cancer Survivors' Symptoms of Pain, Sleep Disturbance, Fatigue & Anxiety 2016 Annual Conference American Society for Pain Management Nursing, Louisville, Kentucky


Schreier, A. M. & Wyatt, S. (2014). Clinical support for opiates and pain 2014 National Council for Behavioral Health Conference Washington, D.C.


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Special Projects/Faculty Development

Research Activities

Courses Taught

NURS 8220 Philosophy of Science

NURS 8225 Development of Nursing Knowledge

NURS 8265 Evolving Nurse Scientist

NURS 9000 Dissertation Research (I am chair for 3 post-candidacy exam students who are currently developing their dissertation proposals and 1 student who is in data-collection dissertation phase)

 Advisement: I am currently PhD advisor for 3 pre-candidacy students. 

Dissertation Committees

Master Thesis, Department of Kinesiology, Brianna Clemmons, The Nurses’ Physical Activity Study: Caring for you so you can care for others, Committee Member, 2016


PhD Dissertation: College of Nursing, Joy Shepard, Hospice Nurses’ Experience of Caring for the Elderly with Wounds at the End-of-life, Committee Member, 2015


PhD Dissertation: College of Nursing, Carolyn Horne, Complementary Pain Intervention Pilot Study in the Acute Hospitalization Phase after Lower Extremity Amputation Surgery, Committee Member, 2014


PhD Dissertation: College of Nursing, April Matthias, Reframing Disorder: Gender, Class and the History of the Resurfacing Debate in Nursing, Committee Member, 2010


Master Thesis, Department of Sociology, Barret Michalec, Breast Cancer Survivors, Committee member, 2004


DNP Project Committees

DNP projects in progress

Weaver, M. Opioid Risk Assessment in the Management of Low Back Pain,  Chair

Williams, L. Evaluation of Sleep Apnea in Pain Management Clinic, Chair

Special Assignments/Faculty Development


University Committees

2015-2018:      Member, Graduate Curriculum Committee

2015-2016:      Member, Thesis and Dissertation Awards Committee

College of Nursing Committees

2013-2017:      Secretary: Faculty Council

2016-2018:      Member: Nomination Committee

2016-2018:      Alternate: Faculty Senate

Service Learning Activities

Special Projects

Honors and Awards

2015                            East Carolina University Scholar-Teacher Award

2011                            American Society for Pain Management Nursing Nurse Exemplar Award in Pain Management of the Older Adult

2010                            Sigma Theta Tau: Beta Nu Chapter Excellence in Education Award

2003                            Nominated for the Board of Governor’s Teaching Award

1998                            Nominated for Board of Governor’s Teaching Award

1997                            Nominated for Board of Governor’s Teaching Award

1994                            One of 48 faculty members from the United States selected competitively

                                    to attend a Cancer Pain Course for Nurse Educator’s at City of Hope,

                                    Duarte, CA

1978-1980                  Pre-doctoral fellowship from the Division of Nursing Research, Bureau of

                                   Health Manpower

1971                           Sigma Theta Tau National Nurses’ Honor Society -

1971                           Cap and Gown National Women’s Honor Society -