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Elaine Scott, PhD, RN, NE-BC

Chair, Department of Nursing Science
Director of PhD Program
Office: 4165S Health Sciences Building
Phone: (252) 744-6435


My almost 40 year professional career began, first, as a hospital nurse on medical units and intensive care.  Subsequently, I moved into community-based nursing focusing on home health and hospice care.  I worked as a nurse administrator for large and small organizations as well as for-profit and nonprofit agencies.  I was a nurse entrepreneur, operating my own in-home nursing services agency for almost 10 years.  Prior to transitioning into academia, I worked all over the United States as a consultant advising on operational, quality, recruitment and retention issues in nursing.  It is this framework of practice that informs, guides, and drives my scholarship and teaching. 

Throughout the past 15 years in the college, I have held some form of administrative role including director for the MSN in Nursing Leadership concentration, founder and director of the East Carolina Center for Nursing Leadership (ECCNL), and most recently, director of the PhD program in nursing.  I currently serve as the Interim Nursing Sciences Department Chair.

My scholarship combines the strong administrative practice experience described above with system science to explore nursing and healthcare capacity building in relationship to improvement of patient and organizational outcomes.  My work examines nursing competency development and the management of transitions, particularly as these relate to optimizing the profession, patients, and the institutions in which nurses practice.  I use both quantitative and qualitative methods in research and most recently have begun innovative use of large data sets. 


A significant part of my research and scholarly writing is concerned with leadership development and education of both practicing nurses and nurses in formal administrative roles.  The East Carolina Center for Nursing Leadership (ECCNL), which I directed from 2006 until 2015, provided a regional and statewide vehicle for advancing nursing leadership education and research. 

My early examination of nursing administration programs in the US (2007), led to active involvement in the Council on Graduate Education for Administration in Nursing (CGEAN) and the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE).  Through my engagement with these entities, I became passionate about promoting advanced education and certification for nurse administrators.  This engagement also led to co-chairing the American Nurses Association (ANA)’s committee to oversee the 3rd revision of the Scope and Standards for Nurse Administrators.  This was a two-year commitment that engaged over 25 nurses in administrative practice or education roles across the US. 

Another facet of my research and scholarship addresses priority setting for administrative research.  Working with two colleagues in different academic systems, we conducted a Delphi study to determine the major areas leaders in nursing need evidence to support the importance of their work in assuring optimal patient and organizational outcomes.  We are currently extending this work to gather a national perspective on these priorities and to examine instruments used to measure the work environment. 

My dissertation work examined the transition of new graduate nurses and proposed a conceptual model to guide research in this area.  That published article has over 150 citations in subsequent articles.  Additionally, Versant, Inc. contacted me to work as an Executive and Researcher in Residence for three years.  In that capacity I advised the organization on important measurements needed to affirm residency programs and how to improve the quality of data collected on new graduate nurses in over 100 hospitals nationwide.  Through this work, the organization restructured its data management system and altered the instruments used to promote validity and reliability of data.  In 2015, I applied for and received a $2.3 million three-year grant from the nonprofit arm of Versant, Inc., VCAN.  The grant will provide funding for the development and employment of a systematic and scientific approach to examine nurse’s contribution to 1) patient safety; 2) organizational capacity building; 3) organizational sustainability; and 4) economic success.  I will have access to the longitudinal dataset the company maintains on new graduates, allowing me to use skills gained at NINR to mine the data and publish extensively on new graduate transition.  I will also work with health systems affiliated with Versant, Inc. to develop national studies on how nurses contribute in the areas noted above. 

Research Interests

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Referred Articles/Papers

Scott, E.S., Murphy, L.S. & Warshawsky, N. (2016).  Nursing administration research priorities: Results of a Delphi Study. Journal of Nursing Administration, 46(5), 238-244.

Warshawsky, N.E., Scott, E.S., & Murphy, L. S. (2016). Application of CGEAN’s research priorities: PhD, DNP scholarship.  Journal of Nursing Administration, 46(5), 227-231.

White, K. & Scott, E.S. (2015). Revising the Scope and Standards for Nurse Administrators. Journal of Nursing Administration, 45(12), 598-599.

Lowery, B., Scott, E.S., & Swanson, M. (2015). Nurse practitioner perception of the impact of physician oversight on quality and safety of nurse practitioner practice. Journal of American Association of Nurse Practitioners, (accepted for publication). 

Murphy, L.S., Scott, E.S. & Warshawsky, N.E. (2014). Nursing administration research: An evolving science. Journal of Nursing Administration, 44(12,) 622-624.

Murphy, L. S., Scott, E. S., & Pawlak, R. (2013).  Crossing our quality chasm: Heeding the case for graduate preparation of nurse managers and leaders.  Journal of Nursing Administration, 43(12), 627-629.  

Yoder-Wise, P., Scott, E. S., & Sullivan, D. T. (2013).  Expanding leadership capacity: Educational levels for nurse leaders.  Journal of Nursing Administration, 37(1), 1-3.

Scott, E. S. & Miles, J. (2013).  Advancing leadership capacity in nursing.  Nursing Administration Quarterly,   37(1), 77-82.

Scott, E. S.  & Yoder-Wise, P. (2012).  Increasing the intensity of nursing leadership: Graduate preparation for nurse leaders.  Journal of Nursing Administration, 37(1), 1-3.

Scott, E. S. (2010).  Perspectives on healthcare leader and leadership development.  Journal of HealthCare Leadership, 2010 (2), 83-90.  

Scott, E. S., Pokorny, M. E., Rose, M. A., & Watkins, F. (2010).  Safe Hand Offs for the Morbidly Obese.  Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care, 5 (1), 71-74.  

Pokorny, M., Scott, E. S., Rose, M., Baker, G., & Swanson, M. (2009).  Challenges in caring for morbidly obese patients.  Home Healthcare Nurse, 27 (1), 43-52.  

Scott, E. S. & Craig, J. (2008).  Analysis of ANA's draft scope and standards of practice for nurse administrators.  Journal of Nursing Administration, 38 (9), 361-365.  

Scott, E. S. & Smith, S. (2008).  Group mentoring: A transition-to-work strategy.  Journal of Nursing Staff Development, 24(5), 232-238.  

Scott, E. S., Engelke, M. K., & Swanson, M. (2008).  New graduate transitioning: Necessary or nice?  Applied Nursing Research, 21(2), 75-83.  

Scott, E. S. (2007).  Nursing administration graduate programs in the United States.  Journal of Nursing Administration, 37 (11), 517-522.  

Scott, E. S. & Cleary, B. L. (2007).  Professional polarities in nursing.  Nursing Outlook, 55 (5),    250-256.

Scott, E. S. (2005).  Peer-to-peer mentoring: Teaching collegiality.  Nurse Educator, 30 (2), 52-     56.  

Book Chapters

Scott, E. S. (2013). Leading change. Leading and Managing in Nursing, 6th edition.  

Scott, E. S. (2009). Conflict and polarity in nursing. In P.S. Cowen and S. Moorhead (Eds.), Current Issues in Nursing 8th Edition (pp. 489-497). St Louis, Missouri:  Mosby Elsevier.  

Books and Monographs

Scott, E. & Moye, J. (2001). Preparing Tomorrow’s Nurses for Leadership. Monograph: Leadership and Nursing Education. P. 2-8.

Non-Refereed Articles/Papers



2015: Scott, E.S. & Swanson, M.  Building a National Research Project for the Advancement of Nursing, Principal Investigator, Versant Center for the Advancement of Nursing (VCAN), $2.1 million.

2012: Scott, E. S. East Carolina Center for Nursing Leadership, Principal Investigator, BB&T Leadership Enhancement Fund, $10,000.

2011: Scott, E. S. East Carolina Center for Nursing Leadership, Principal Investigator, BB&T Leadership Enhancement Fund, $20,000.

2010: Scott, E. S. East Carolina Center for Nursing Leadership, Principal Investigator, BB&T Leadership Enhancement Fund, $20,000.

2010: Scott, E. S. Emerging Leaders Institute: Developing Leaders for the 21st Century, Principal Investigator, Pitt Memorial Hospital Foundation, $15,000.

2010 [Year 3 of 3]: Scott, E. S. Wisdom at Work, Principal Investigator, PRI-Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $20,000.

2009: Scott, E. S. East Carolina Center for Nursing Leadership, Principal Investigator, BB&T Leadership Enhancement Fund, $20,000.

2009: Scott, E. S., Wynn, J., & Hofler, L., Research Utilization and Valuing Patterns in Nurse Managers, Principal Investigator, Pitt County Memorial Hospital and ECU College of Nursing, $1000.

2009: Scott, E. S. East Carolina Center for Nursing Leadership, Principal Investigator, BB&T Leadership Enhancement Funds, $20,000.

2007: Scott, E. S. Partners in Rural Nursing - PRN, Principal Investigator, PRI-Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $375,000.

2007: Scott, E.S. Management of Patient Safety Initiatives by Nurse Leaders in Small Rural Hospitals.  CGEAN, $4000.

2005. Scott, E.S. Leadership Issues Facing African-American Nurse Managers. STTI-Beta Nu, $750.

2005. Scott, E.S. Nurse Manager’s Attitudes, Needs and Barriers to Returning to School.  ECUCON Research Award, $500.

1999. Scott, ES & Tranbarger, E. Progressive Leadership Development Program. Helene Fuld Health Trust, $100,000.

Not Funded

2013: Scott, E.S. Macy Faculty Scholars – Designing an Interprofessional Focus in a Nursing PhD Program

2011: Scott, E. S. Nurse Education, Practice and Retention (NEPR) Program FY11, GOV-Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) – Scored High, $761,733.

2009: Scott, E. S. NEPR FY 10, GOV-Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

2009. Scott, E.S. Partners in Rural Nursing. Golden Leaf Foundation, $187,255.     

2007: Scott, E. S. Partners in Rural Nursing - PRN, Principal Investigator, PRI-Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $375,000.


Nurse Transitions and Competency Development - My recently awarded grant with the Versant Center for the Advancement of Nursing (VCAN) will fund a three-person research team to develop a world-class, national hub to advance the science of nursing transition and nursing competency development. We will do this by using data regularly collected as well as soliciting a national team of researchers to explore and design new longitudinal studies within the health systems affiliate with Versant, Inc. 

Nurse Leader Workforce – This summer I am working with Dr. Mel Swanson to analyze the trends in nurse leader roles, education, and other statistics from the NC Board of Nursing; this work is longitudinal and builds on analyses of the database over the last 5 years.  I am also directing a research initiative with a PhD student to evaluate NC nurse participation on boards.

Patient Safety and Nursing Leadership – I have just completed work with a PhD student to explore the relationship between actionable nurse leader behaviors and patient safety outcomes across the Vidant Health System in eastern NC.  This was his dissertation work and we now have two publications drafted for submission based on this study.  Additionally, I am chairing two dissertations for students doing follow up projects based on this initial research. 

Leadership Development Research – I have spent two years using theoretical integration to design a conceptual framework for leadership development in nursing that would be germane for all nurses.  This publication is under review.  Additionally, I have a PhD student whose dissertation work stemmed from this work.  We have also developed a curricular framework for leadership that parallels the work done for patient and safety (QSEN).  She tested this framework for her dissertation.  There are four publications in process from this work.

Refereed Presentations

Tyndall, D. & Scott, E.S. (2016). The scholarly writing development of ADN to BSN nursing students. Southern Nursing Research Society Annual Meeting – Williamsburg, VA

Miles, J. M. & Scott, E.S. (2013). Leadership development in nursing: A qualitative analysis of undergraduate textbook content. 42nd Biennial Convention – STTI, Indianapolis, Illinois (poster).

Woody, G. & Scott, E. S. (2013). Fostering Global Leadership: Footprints in Philanthropy.   42nd Biennial Convention - STTI, Indianapolis, Illinois (poster).

Drake, D. & Scott, E.S. (2013). Doing Data Differently: A Creative Research Project. International Nursing Administration Research Conference (INARC), Baltimore, MD (poster).

Scott, E. S. (2011). Management of Patient Safety Initiatives by Nurse Leaders in Small Rural Hospitals. CGEAN International Nursing Administration Research Conference (INARC), Denver, Colorado.  (Presentation)

Scott, E. S. (2009). Partners for Rural Nursing.   International Nursing Administration Research Conference (INARC), Baltimore, MD (poster).

Scott, E.S. (2009). Rural Nursing Councils: Partnership for Research & Practice. CGEAN International Nursing Administration Research Conference, Baltimore, MD (Poster).

Scott, E.S. (2007). ADN Nurse Managers: Architects or Draftsmen. CGEAN International Nursing Administration Research Conference, Indianapolis, ID.  (Poster)

Scott, E.S. (2005). New Graduate Transition into the Workplace. 38th Biennial Sigma Theta Tau International Conference: Indianapolis, ID. (Poster)



Scott, E. S. & Hofler, L. (2013). Implementation of Synergetic Leadership.   45th Annual AONE Conference, Denver, Colorado.

Scott, E. S., Yoder-Wise, P., & Cherry, B. (2013). Setting the Leadership Research Agenda in Nursing: CGEANs Perspective.   AACN Master's Education Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida.

Scott, E.S. (2008). Partners in Rural Nursing. Presented at the RWJF/NWHF Annual Partners in Nursing Conference, Carlsbad, CA (Poster).


Scott, E. S. & Miles, J. (2013). A Model of Leadership Development in Nursing.   22nd Annual Collaborative Nursing Research Day, Greenville, North Carolina.

Scott, E. S. & Montana, L. (2012). Management of Patient Safety Initiatives in Small Rural Hospitals.  21st Annual Collaborative Nursing Research Day, Greenville, North Carolina (Poster).

Scott, E. S. (2010). Minority Nurses: An Untapped Resource in America.   NC Nursing Association, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Scott, E.S. (2008). Partners in Rural Nursing. Presented at the NC Organization of Nurse Leaders Conference, Raleigh, NC (Poster).

Scott, E.S. (2008). The Real World of the Minority Nurse Leader in Practice. STTI Research Day, Hickory, NC (Podium).

Scott, E.S. (2007). The Real World of the Minority Nurse Leader in Practice.  Diversity: Making it Happen ECUCON Conference, Greenville, NC.

Scott, E.S. (2007). The Business of Healthcare: A Nursing Perspective. Business of Healthcare Research Symposium, Greenville, NC. (Podium)

Scott, E.S. (2006). The Transition of New Graduate Nurses into the Workplace. 15th Annual Collaborative Research Day: Greenville, NC. (Poster)

Scott, E.S. (2005). The Transition of New Graduate Nurses into the Workplace.  Building an Evidence-Based Transition to Nursing Practice Conference: Chapel Hill, NC. (Podium)

Scott, E.S. (2004). Leadership Characteristics in Baccalaureate Nursing Students. Southern Nursing Research Conference: Louisville, KY. (Poster)

Scott, E.S. (2004). Leadership Characteristics in Baccalaureate Nursing Students. 13th Annual Collaborative Research Day: Greenville, NC. (Poster)

Non-Referred Presentations

Invited Presentations

Leading with a Bang!
Key Note – NC Organization of Nurse Leaders, Greensboro, NC        2015

Pioneering Our Future 
Key Note – Great 100 of NC 25th Anniversary Gala, Raleigh, NC       2013

Clinical Leadership
Key Note – 40th Anniversary NCAHHC Conference, Raleigh, NC       2013

Nurses as Effective Change Agents
UNC Conference on ACA and Health Policy, Chapel Hill, NC             2013

The Team Advantage
Key Note - Vidant-Duplin Shared Governance Kick Off, Burgaw, NC   2012

Leading Effective Change
WakeMed Nursing Leadership Retreat, Raleigh, NC                         2011

IOM Report: The Future of Nursing
NC IOM Summit, Raleigh, NC                                                        2011

Leadership Strategies for Success in Case Management
Plenary Speaker - NC School Nurse Conference, Raleigh, NC          2011

From International Policy to Clinical Leadership: From Exam
Room to National Policy Panel – National Summit of Clinicians
for Healthcare Justice Baltimore, MD                                              2010

Transition into Practice for New GraduatesPlenary Speaker –
Wyoming Nurses Association Summit Cheyenne, WY                    2010

Mentorship: The How of Wisdom AHEC - Cherry Point, NC              2009

Mentorship: The How of Wisdom AHEC – Carteret General,
Morehead City, NC                                                                       2009

Disruptive Behavior and Clinical Outcomes AHEC –
Carteret General, Morehead City, NC                                             2008

Emotional Intelligence Association for Home &
Hospice Care - Raleigh, NC                                                          2008

Emotional Intelligence AHEC – Wayne Memorial Hospital,
Goldsboro, NC                                                                            2008

Negotiation Key Note - NC School Nurse Leadership Institute
Greenville, NC                                                                             2007

Emotional Intelligence: What it is and how to get it
Key Note - Wayne Memorial Hospital- Goldsboro, NC                    2007

Mentorship: The How of Wisdom Camp LeJeune, NC                     2006

On the Frontline: Patient and Nursing Assistant Safety
Key Note - Annual AHEC CNA Appreciation Day
Greenville, NC                                                                            2006

Motivation: Bringing Out the Best in Employees
WakeMed - Raleigh, NC                                                              2006

Disruptive Behavior and Clinical Outcomes
AHEC Presentation - Greenville, NC                                             2006

Emotional Intelligence: What it is and How to get it
Craven Regional Medical Center- New Bern, NC                            2006

Nursing Satisfaction Revisited
Key Note – STTI Fall Banquet - Greenville, NC                              2005

Nursing Satisfaction Revisited AHEC - Greenville, NC                    2005

Mentorship: The How of Wisdom
Albemarle Medical Center - Elizabeth City, NC                              2004

Learning to Juggle: Throwing Your Hat in the Ring
AHEC - Greensboro, NC                                                              2004

Mentorship: The How of Wisdom Wayne Memorial Hospital
Goldsboro, NC                                                                            2004

Motivation: Bringing Out the Best in Employees
Camp LeJeune, NC                                                                     2004


Leadership Development Series (ECCNL) Craven Regional Medical Center - New Bern, NC                  2014

Leadership Development Series (ECCNL) Regional Nurse Managers/Leaders - Greenville, NC              2013

Polarity Management Advisor – Foundation for Advancement of International Medical                          2012 - 2013

Research (FAIMER) Philadelphia, PA                                                                                         

Executive/Researcher in Residence Versant New Graduate Transition Program                                  2012 – Current

Leadership Development Series (ECCNL) Regional Nurse Managers/Leaders - Greenville, NC              2011

Strategic Planning and Evaluation Vidant Nurse Executive Committee - Greenville, NC                        2010 - Current

Strategic Planning NC Association for Home & Hospice Care - Raleigh, NC                                       2008

Strategic Planning Loma Linda University Home Health & Hospice - Loma Linda, CA                          2001

Home Health and Hospice Reorganization/Transition Bon Secours Health - Baltimore, MD                  2000

Home Health and Hospice Reorganization/Transition Catholic Health System - New York, NY             2000

Turnover Evaluation and Nurse Recruitment/Retention Plan Catholic Health System – New York, NY   1998 – 1999

Special Projects/Faculty Development

AACN Doctoral Conference
Coronado, California                                                                2015

Collaborative Research Day
Greenville, North Carolina                                                        2015

NC Organization for Nurse Leaders (NCONL)
Research Conference Greensboro, North Carolina                     2015

International Nursing Administration Research Conference
(INARC) Dallas, Texas                                                            2014

Siegfried Lowin Visiting Scholar Lecture Series Greenville,
Norrth Carolina                                                                       2015

Big Data Boot Camp NINR Conference – Bethesda, MD            2014                                                                      

AACN Doctoral Conference 
Naples, FL                                                                            2014

AACN Masters Conference
Orlando, FL                                                                           2013

International Administrative Research Conference
Baltimore, MD                                                                       2013

AONE Annual Meeting Denver, CO                                          2013

AONE Annual Meeting Boston, MA                                         2013

The Advisory Board Annual CNO Conference
Atlanta, GA                                                                           2012

41st STTI Biennial Conference
Grapevine, TX                                                                        2011

The Advisory Board Annual CNO Conference
Atlanta, GA                                                                           2011

International Administrative Research Conference
Denver, CO                                                                            2011

International Administrative Research Conference
Baltimore, MD                                                                       2009

Culture Shifts in the Care Continuum: A Call for Leadership
NCONL Conference - Raleigh, NC – 8.0 contact hours              2008

International Nurse Administration Research Conference
Indianapolis, Indiana – 13.85 contact hours                              2007

Role of Universities in Rural Economic Development
ARDI Conference –Boone, NC                                                2007

Connecting Community Colleges and Four-Year
Institutions in NC Greenville, NC                                             2006

Navigating Complex Challenges Center for Creative
Leadership - Greensboro, NC                                                 2006

15th Annual Collaborative Research Day
Greenville, NC                                                                      2006

Sigma Theta Tau 38th Biennial Convention
Indianapolis, ID                                                                     2006

Building an Evidence-Based Transition to Practice
Chapel Hill, NC                                                                     2006               



Research Activities

Courses Taught


NURS 6983:  Administrative and Organizational Theory and Ethics            2006 – 2013

NURS 6973:  Human Resource Management                                           2005 – 2012

NURS 6977/78: Nursing Leadership Practicum                                         2005 – 2012

NURS 6500: Grant Writing                                                                      2005

NURS 6973: Financial Management                                                        1996 – 2002

NURS 8220: Philosophy of Science                                                         2012 – Current

NURS 8201: Seminar in Research Agendas                                             2012 – Current

NURS 8265: Evolving Nursing Science                                                     2013 – Current

NURS 8255: Directed Research                                                              2011 – Current

NURS 8500: Independent Study                                                              2010 – Current

NURS 9000: Dissertation                                                                        2010 - Current


NURS 4150: Nursing Leadership                                                            1996 – 2002, 2012

Dissertation Committees

Dissertations (Chair):

Amy Purser, Role Conflict in New Graduate Nurses, (Anticipated Spring 2017)

Thompson Forbes, Situational Analysis of New Graduate Nurse and Physician Communication (Anticipated Spring 2017)

Elizabeth Rochin, Patient Activation and Readmission: An Exploration of Factors Related to Heart Failure Readmission in Eastern North Carolina, December 2016

Deby Tyndall, Factors facilitating peer-reviewed publicity by clinical nurses in magnet hospitals, May 2016. 

Jane Miles, Informing a Conceptual Framework for Leadership Education in Nursing, May 2015

Lori Anderson, Impact of Simulation Experiences on Learning Transfer in New Graduate Registered Nurses, May 2015

Dan Drake, Nurse Leader Behavior and Patient Safety, May 2015

Melissa Schwartz, A Descriptive Exploratory Study on How Nurse Educators use Digital Stories in the Classroom, Summer 2014

Felecia Williams, Influences on Transition to Practice Outcomes among New Nurses, May 2013

Bobby Lowery, Nurse Practitioner Perceptions Regarding the Impact of Regulatory Requirements for Physician Oversight on Nurse Practitioner Practice, December 2012

Mary Chatman, Self-Efficacy in Freshmen and Sophomore Nursing Students, December 2012

Dissertations (Committee Member):                               

Daphne Brewington, Selected Factors Associated with New Nurse Transition, December 2013

Cheryl Duke, The Lived Experience of Nurse Practitioner Graduates’ Transition to Hospital-Based Practice, May 2010

Linda Burhans, What is Good Nursing Care? The Lived Meaning of Quality Nursing Care for Practicing Nurses, May 2008

DNP Project Committees

Special Assignments/Faculty Development



Thesis and Dissertation Awards Committee                                      2014 - 2015

ECU Strategic Planning Executive Committee (Co-Chair)                   2013 – Current         

Centennial Awards Committee                                                         2012 – Current

SACS/IPAR Group – Leadership                                                      2009 - 2011

ECU Research & Creativity Awards Reviewer                                    2009 - 2010

ECU Leadership Advisory Council                                                    2006 - 2011


Graduate Faculty Organization, Chair                                                     2014 – 2016

NLN Center of Excellence Taskforce                                                       2014 - 2015

Strategic Planning Taskforce, Chair                                                        2013 - 2014

Personnel Committee                                                                           2012 – Current

Tenure Committee                                                                                2012 – Current

Graduate Core Curriculum Taskforce                                                      2010 – 2012

Undergraduate Curriculum Taskforce                                                      2010 – 2012   

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee                                                    2011 – 2012   

Dean’s Cabinet                                                                                    2011 – Current         

Vidant/ECU Advisory Council                                                                2010 – Current         

CON Advancement Committee                                                              2010 – 2012   

Graduate Student Affairs                                                                       2006 - 2010   

Faculty Retreat Planning Committee                                                      2006

Nominating Committee                                                                         2005                           


American Organization of Nurse Executives                                           2005 - current

Council on Graduate Education in Administrative Nursing (CGEAN)          2005 – current

                                    Past President                                                 2015
                                    President                                                         2012 – 2014
                                    President-Elect                                                2011
                                    VP of Programs                                               2009 – 2011
                                    Nominating Committee                                     2007 – 2008

Phi Kappa Phi                                                                                     2005 - Current

Southern Nursing Research Association                                                2003 - Current

North Carolina Nurses Association                                                        1991 - Current

                                    Hallmarks of a Healthy Workplace Taskforce      2007 – 2011
                                    Transition into Practice Taskforce                      2008 – 2011
                                    District #32 President                                      1998 – 2001


            ANA Scope and Standards for Nursing Administration Revision – Co-Chair     2014 – Current

Sigma Theta Tau - Beta Nu Chapter                                                       1977 - Current

                                    President                                                         2010 – 2012
                                    President – Elect                                              2009
                                    Treasurer                                                         1998 - 2001    

North Carolina Organization of Nurse Leaders                                          2008 - Current

                                    Research Committee                                         2008 – 2010

Foundation for Nursing Excellence in NC                                                 2011 - Current
            Co-Chair: NC IOM Taskforce on Advancing Leadership                  2010 - Current
            NC IOM Taskforce Coordinating Council                                       2010 – Current 
            Advisory Council                                                                        2009 – 2010

NC Association for Home and Hospice Care                                            1980 – 2001
            Board Member                                                                          1990 - 1993

Service Learning Activities

Special Projects

Honors and Awards

Nurse Administrator of the Year – North Carolina Nurses Association       2015         

Distinguished Scholar and Fellow – National Academies of Practice        2015

Outstanding Mentor Award – STTI – Beta Nu Chapter                             2015

Distinguished SON Alumna Award – UNC at Greensboro                        2013

College of Nursing Hall of Fame – East Carolina University                      2011

Scholar-Teacher Award – East Carolina University                                  2010 – 2011

Certificate of Commendation for Contributing to Nurse Retention
NC Nurses Association                                                                        2011

Centennial Excellence in Leadership Award - East Carolina University      2009 – 2010

Best Research Poster Award – International Nursing Administration
Research Conference

President’s Graduate Award – STTI – Beta Nu Chapter                           2005

Outstanding PhD Graduate Student – ECU, College of Nursing                2005

Rising Star of Scholarship and Research – STTI                                     2005

Emergent Leader Invitational Conference –
American Academy of Nursing                                                              2004

Leadership in Nursing Education Fellow –
Center for Health Professionals                                                             2001

Excellence in Leadership Award – STTI –Beta Nu Chapter                      2000

The Great 100 Nurses in NC                                                                 1998

MSN Excellence Award – UNC at Greensboro                                        1991