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Future Pirate Nurse Living and Learning Village

The Future Pirate Nurse Living and Learning Village is one of several living-learning programs at ECU. It brings intended nursing majors together in a residential environment that provides encouragement, support and enrichment activities. Living and studying in an environment with like-minded, intended nursing students provides aspiring Pirate Nurses with a valuable support network as they transition from high school to university life.

Twenty-five to thirty freshmen intended nursing majors are selected each year to live together and:

  • Take classes together during the fall and spring semester.*
  • Live in an environment that is conducive to academic achievement.
  • Be exposed to cultures and ideas that will enhance personal development.
  • Grow academically, professionally and personally in their quest to become an ECU Nurse.
  • Prepare for the rigors of the nursing program with preparation for the pre-nursing entrance exam and development of time management and test-taking skills.**

            (* Three courses will be taken as a cohort each semester)
            (** Attendance is required)

Please use this link to download an information flyer about the "Village".


There are no additional costs associated with the FPNLLV beyond the standard room and board for Gateway Residence Hall.


Students must room with another member of the Village. You can select your own roommate only if they are also chosen to participate in the Village.


Applications for the 2019-2020 Future Pirate Nurse Living Learning Village are now being accepted. Please use the following link to view instructions and complete the application. To be considered for the FPNLLV, applications must be submitted by the deadline of March 3, 2019 by 11:00 PM.

Contact Student Services at 252-744-6477 or for more information.