Research & Scholarship

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Research Overview

The mission of the Office of Research and Scholarship is to improve and transform the health of our community, state, nation and world by advancing knowledge through scholarship and research.

Our office is committed to fostering research through collaboration with faculty and students in concept development, proposal development, fiscal and regulatory management and post-award management.  Further, we work with faculty and students to enhance dissemination of scholarship (i.e., posters, presentations, writing and publication) in a variety of avenues to affect practice and education.

How We Can Help

  • Pre-Award support
    • Searches for funding
    • Brainstorming related to project development including conceptualization, methodology and funding sources
    • Preparation of proposal, bio-sketches, budget and other forms
    • External/internal grant reviews
  • Post-award support
    • Grant administration
    • Time and effort reporting
    • Budget oversight
  • Dissemination
    • Literature searches
    • Author's guidelines/Assistance with APA and other formats
    • Assistance with large format posters
    • Editorial review
    • Assistance with online submission
    • Data entry (SPSS), data analysis, statistical consultation
    • Transcription of focus groups or interviews
    • Other research related activities

Our Staff