Ways to Support CON

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Ways to Support CON

Your time at CON meant a lot to you and implemented your current success.
Once a Pirate Nurse, Always a Pirate Nurse!

We appreciate ALL the ways you remain connected! As CON's Director of Development, Elizabeth is our liaison for alumni engagement. She will link you with the appropriate campus contact.

  • -UPDATE your information so that we can help classmates and faculty find you now!
  • Show your support through connecting on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Direct links at bottom of our CON web  page.
  • Read your e-newsletter, Pirate Notes
  • Attend FALL Homecoming CON activities on the Health Sciences campus
  • Be a student preceptor
  • Speak to your local high school students about your CON's experience and nursing's  gateway of Opportunities
  • Start a Pirate Nurse Network where you work
  • Nominate a star for the Hall of Fame or Distinguished Alumni
  • Email someone who was important to your current success! Faculty & Staff Contacts
  • Tour our CON facility when you are nearby
  • Make a Financial Contribution to CON. Of ECU's 4 independent foundations, the Medical and Health Sciences Foundation supports the College of Nursing.

Give to a CON ANNUAL FUND of your choice:

  • Global Education and Leadership Fund
  • Nursing Priorities (supports faculty, research, and students)
  • Hall of Fame (provides student scholarships)
  • Nursing Leadership Fund
  • Nursing Scholarships (merit and/or need based students)
  • Student Emergency Needs

The money received into these funds is spent each year for its designated purpose, so your yearly gift is vital! Thank you!

  1. Online Credit Card (pay once or set up recurring payments) for annual fund or established endowed fund. Contact Elizabeth for details.
  2. Check - Print and complete the pledge form and mail to:
                ECU Medical and Health Sciences Foundation
                Mail Stop 659
                525 Moye Boulevard
                Greenville, NC 27834
  3. 3-ECU Payroll Deduction
  4. Matching Gifts - if you or your spouse work for a company that provides match, Elizabeth can show you how your donation can double.
  5. Stock Gifts
  6. IRA Rollover - your mandated distributions when you are 70.5 are taxed. Ask Elizabeth how to avoid that tax.

ENDOWED GIFT? Elizabeth provides the information you need.  Unlike annual funds which are depleted each year, endowments are permanent gifts for the future. Such gifts are paid (unneeded insurance policies, appreciated stock, check, property, etc.) over a total of 5 years or less. In addition to the various forms of "cash" listed above, an endowment goal can be met through a willed/deferred gift or some combination of both.

The interest from the endowed gift amount is used to make its award each year. The criteria for the endowment's award    is established by the donor(s) in a Gift Agreement with the Medical and Health Science Foundation and the College of Nursing. The Gift Agreement is the Foundation's promise to the donor that the award amounts will only be spent  according to criteria set by the donor and that the original gift itself is never spent. Safeguarding the original    gift amount is how awards can be made in perpetuity.  Endowments are like a financial security blanket for CON; they    help improve national rank because total endowment level is a measure of future financial stability. While each endowment is unique, MHSF endowments start at $25,000 and can be made for any amount above that. The three main    categories are:

Research- provides great learning opportunities for our students while also improving healthcare in our region, state, and beyond. Research is required of all PhD students and faculty, but such provides vital opportunities for other students and faculty as well.

Scholarship- May be based on merit, financial need or    combination. For example, a $50,000 scholarship would yield $2,000 every year. A full scholarship ($250,000) provides $10,000 annually.

Faculty Support- start at $25,000 you can also do a Distinguished    Professorship for $333,000 which is matched by NC such that it awards $20,000 annually.

PLANNED GIFT? Giving through your will, bequest, retirement plan, or charitable trust are a few examples of giving back to your alma mater in the future, but with no costs now. Becoming a member of the Leo Jenkins Society can be as simple as documentation from your will of the line where you include CON. We don't need a copy of your whole will!

NAMING OPPORTUNITIES- There are prime spaces (lobbies, auditoriums, simulation labs, suites, and faculty offices) within the CON as well as the College of Nursing itself. While an excellent  partnership with a business, it is also a wonderful opportunity to honor or memorialize someone.

CORPORATE AND FOUNDATION SUPPORT- CON always seeks mutually beneficial relationships with corporations and private foundations for scholarships, research, and a wide variety of    initiatives to meet CON's mission.