Welcome to the Department of Nutrition Science

Welcome to the Department of Nutrition Science. Nutrition is an integrative discipline that involves chemistry, biology, physiology, pharmacology, medicine, behavior science and other disciplines. In addition to preparing graduates to become registered, licensed dietitians, nutrition science is a great pre-professional major for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and the allied health professions. There are two options within the Bachelor of Science degree programs: the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DP) and the Nutrition with Science (NS) option. Both options are primarily on-campus, face-to-face programs that provide many opportunities for students throughout their course of study. The Nutrition Science Department also offers a nutrition minor, a Master's degree and a dietetic internship.


2016 SDA Meet and Greet

The East Carolina University Student Dietetic Association is a student organization that focuses on professional development of nutrition with science and didactic program students; but is not exclusive to any one major. SDA focuses on developing students with the assistance of the program director and advisor Kate Willson. Through volunteer experiences, meet and greets and monthly meetings members are encouraged to develop professional skills used in everyday life.

The SDA annual meet and greet is where members and professionals come out and mingle in a relaxed setting. The meet and greet is meant to promote positive relationships among students and professionals along with giving students the opportunity to find research and shadowing opportunities. Throughout a student's years at East Carolina SDA aims to provide skills, volunteer hours and plenty of opportunity to succeed after graduation.