Minor in Nutrition

A minor in Nutrition can be very beneficial to individuals who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in many scientific, clinical, or medical based fields. It may also assist in providing a strong knowledge base for students planning to attend graduate or medical school. Our courses in the minor provide students with a strong fundamental knowledge of complex interaction between foods and our bodies. The minor is also encouraged to students who are planning a future in the hospitality and/or food service industries.

Required Courses

Required NUTR Courses (15 s.h.)

  • NUTR 1010 Cultural Foods
  • NUTR 2105 Nutrition Science
  • NUTR 2400 Nutrition Education and Assessment
  • NUTR 3104 Advanced Vitamins and Minerals (Fall and spring only)
  • NUTR 3311 Lifecycle Nutrition (Fall and spring only)

Required Cognate Courses (12 s.h.)

  • CHEM 2750 and 2753 Organic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Lab
  • BIOL 2130, 2131 Survey of Human Physiology and Anatomy
  • STATISTICS 3 credits, any

**Please note that this is a recommended sequence. Check catalog for prerequisites. Course availability may vary from semester to semester.

Admission Requirements

Please notify your academic advisor if you are interested in minoring in Nutrition.