Student Experiences

One of our goals is for our students to not only gain the education they need to be a successful professional, but also the practical experiences that give them an edge in the professional world. The student experience encompasses not only your time in the classroom, but also your time in the field. The listings below are only a few of the things students may experience while enrolled in programs within the Department of Nutrition Science. Please contact us if you have specific questions concerning the program(s) that are of interest to you.

Study Abroad

One of our goals over the past years is to provide students with opportunities to study discipline specific elements of different cultures through our study abroad program. Current and past students have gone to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean Islands, and Africa. Students typically spend two-three weeks traveling to different locations and learn about issues related to health and nutrition. For further information, please contact your academic advisor.

Student Organizations

The Student Dietetic Association (SDA) is a volunteer student organization primarily intended for nutrition students, but is open to any major. Students are encouraged to join and participate in the Student Dietetic Association (SDA). The SDA provides students with opportunities for networking with nutrition professionals, participating in campus and outreach activities, and developing mentoring relationships with other student members. If you would like more information about the SDA please visit ECU's SDA website or the Student Dietetic Association facebook page.


Although professional internships are not required for either our undergraduate or graduate programs they are highly recommended. Due to the limited number of available internships it is very competitive when trying to obtain one. Individuals work with their faculty advisor in preparing to obtain available internships. We also offer the dietetics internship for students who already have a bachelor's degree in nutrition. This internship prepares them to sit for the dietetic license exam.