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Room 150 PCMH Teaching Annex
Greenville, NC 27834

Phone:    744-4647
Fax: 744-3519
Faculty Rank: Professor
Primary Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Secondary Specialty: Maternal Fetal Medicine
Interests/Skills: Amniocentesis, Chronionic Villus Sampling, Fetal Medical and Surgical Therapy, High Risk Pregnancy-Prenatal Diagnosis, Intrauterine Fetal Transfusion, Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sampling, Premature Rupture of the Membranes, Preterm Labor Obstetrical, Ultrasound-Fetal Assessment-Preconceptional Counseling
Year Started at ECU: 1987
Hamid A. Hadi, MD
Board Certification: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Maternal Fetal Medicine (1996)
Fellowship: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA (1979-1982)
Residency/Internship: University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, FL, Columbia University Department of Medicine, New York, NY (1973-1978)
Medical School: Kabul University School of Medicine, Kabul, Afghanistan (1964)


Articles | Publications
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