Application Requirements

In order to be eligible for acceptance into East Carolina University's Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MS) program, the following requirements must be met.

  1. A baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by a regional association or evidence that a baccalaureate degree will be conferred before the start of the program in the fall. We welcome a baccalaureate degree from any discipline, as long as the prerequisite courses are completed as required.
  2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale from undergraduate work is required, but a 3.5 or above will be competitive for admission consideration.
  3. Satisfactory scores on the verbal and quantitative test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. To be considered a competitive applicant, it is recommended that GRE scores should be at least the 50th percentile on ALL sections of the GRE. Specifically, both Quantitative and Verbal scores should be 151 or above and writing should be 3.5 or above.
  4. Acceptable TOEFL or TSL scores for non-English speaking foreign students.
  5. Applicants may apply before completing all prerequisites; however, at least 4 of the anatomy/physiology credits must be completed prior to the November 1 deadline. It is also recommended 15 of the 25 required prerequisite credits be completed by November 1.
    • Prerequisites may be taken at any university or college. ALL prerequisites must be completed before you begin the program.
    • ECU's OCCT 3000 Exploring Occupational Therapy is not a required prerequisite, but it is strongly recommended. Successful applicants have indicated the course enhanced their application. It is offered online and/or in a face-to-face format.
    • Students must receive B- (2.7) or better to be considered passing these prerequisite credits. Competitive students submit applications with prerequisite grades higher than the minimum in most of the courses.
PrerequisitesSemester HoursEquivalent ECU Course Numbers
*Human Anatomy with Lab (or Anatomy and Physiology I with lab)4BIOL 2140 and 2141
*Human Physiology with Lab (or Anatomy and Physiology II with lab)4BIOL 2150 and 2151
*Statistics3MATH 2228 or BIOS 1500 or MATH 2283 or PSYC 2101
Developmental Psychology/Lifespan Development - must cover birth to death (cannot be a motor development course)3PSYC 3206
Abnormal Psychology3PSYC 4375
Reasoning course such as logic, ethics, or critical thinking (often come from a philosophy department)3PHIL 1500 or PHIL 1175 or PHIL 1180 or PHIL 2275
Introduction to Sociology OR Introduction to Anthropology OR Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (cannot be higher level course such as Sociology of the Family)3SOCI 2110 or ANTH 1000 or ANTH 2200
Medical Terminology or demonstrate proficiency in medical terminology by passing an exam with ECU OT.1-3HIMA 3000 or ATEP 2800
Exploring Occupational Therapy (recommended, not required)3OCCT 3000

*These courses must be completed within 5 years prior to beginning the MSOT program.

Admitted students for fall 2017 had an average undergraduate GPA of 3.67 and average pre-requisite GPA of 3.75. Average Verbal GRE score was 157 (72.4%); average Quantitative score was 154 (54.5%); and 4.5 (70.7%) for GRE writing.