Application Timeline

Application Due November 1

July 15 - Students may begin submitting applications to ECU Graduate School (

November 1 - Deadline for complete applications. All GRE scores and transcripts must also be received by this date. Applications will undergo a two-tiered review process at this time and any application that is incomplete will not be reviewed.

December 1 – Three different decisions will go out:

  1. Students who have been eliminated from further review will be notified by email.
  2. Students who will undergo the regular, remaining review process will be notified.
  3. A select number of students will be invited to attend on-campus interviews for consideration of Early Admission and the Clinical Research Scholar Assistantship.

January 4 – On-campus interview will occur for those invited. This interview is required for Early Admission and Clinical Research Scholar Assistantship consideration. Up to 1/3 of the class may be selected for Early Admission. 

January 15 - Early Admission and Clinical Research Scholar offers will be sent by email. Those applicants who completed on-site interviews, but who are not offered Early Admission, will still be considered for regular admission to the program with the remaining pool of applicants.

Mid-to-late February - Notifications will be sent by email regarding Accepted Student List, Alternate List, or denial.

*All students accepting offers will be required to pay a deposit to secure a position in the entering 2019 cohort for the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program.