Application Timeline

Phase One - OTCAS Due November 1

July 17 - Students may begin submitting applications to OTCAS (

Nov 1 - Deadline for complete application

Nov 1 - Dec 1 - OTCAS will finish verifying completed applications.

Dec 1 - Dec 12 - All of the properly submitted and verified applications will be reviewed by the ECU OT Admissions Committee and a pool of applicants will be selected and invited to complete Phase Two of the application process.

Dec 12 - Those invited applicants will receive notification by email. Please make sure your email on the OTCAS application will remain current throughout the entire process. Applicants not selected to participate in Phase Two will receive an email indicating they were not selected for Phase Two.

Phase Two - Supplemental Application Due January 10

December 12 - Pool of applicants will be invited by email from the OTCAS application to complete Supplemental Application with Electronic Interview AND Graduate School Application.

January - Early February - Phase Two applications will be reviewed. This process typically takes 3-4 weeks for all applications to be reviewed.

Mid-to-late February - Notifications will go out by email regarding Accepted Student List and Alternate List. Denials will go out at a later date once spots in the program are filled. Official notification of acceptance and denial will follow from the ECU Graduate School for Phase Two applicants by postal mail.

Late February - Early March - The Admissions Committee and Director of Admissions will continue to fill the seats in the class based on the list of Accepted Students and Alternate List. Since each student is given a window of time to make a decision, this process may take a few weeks, and this depends on how quickly students respond with their decisions. Approximately two weeks AFTER all selections have been made, ALL remaining Phase Two applicants will receive an official decision letter (both accepted and denied applicants) from the Graduate School.