How Do I Apply to the MSOT Program?

2018-2019 Application Process

Applicants will apply directly to East Carolina University Graduate School, NOT to OTCAS. Please use GRE Code 5180.

Applications will include:

  • Transcripts: Must be sent from ALL attended colleges and universities. Transcripts should be sent to East Carolina University, Graduate School Admissions, 131 Ragsdale, Greenville, NC, 27858-4353. Please do not send transcripts or other materials to the Department of Occupational Therapy as this will delay your application process.
  • GRE Scores: (code 5180) for quantitative, verbal, and writing (highest overall for each section will be used)
  • Reference Letters: (Two letters are required)
    • At least one letter must address the applicant's academic performance and/or work performance
    • At least one letter must address the applicant's character/personality traits.
    • The applicant is encouraged to ask the reference to describe some of the following characteristics about the applicant: Ethics, teamwork, confidence, initiative, communication, critical thinking, reliability, and/or interpersonal skills.
  • Essay: Applicants will be asked to respond in writing to a few essay prompts within the application. The applicant's personal responses assist the Admissions Committee in determining if the applicant is a good fit for our program, faculty members, and perspective of occupational therapy. The brief responses should reflect genuine impressions about you as an individual and a future professional. A word limit has been established for each question. Spelling and grammar will be considered.
  • Resume: Maximum of 2-page resume. A template will not be provided. Please follow the provided outline below for the important experiences to be highlighted.
    1. Education
    2. Work and/or Volunteer Experience
      • Include dates and primary responsibilities in positions
    3. Significant shadowing experiences in health care and/or occupational therapy
      • Dates and hours, if appropriate
    4. Awards and/or Honors
    5. Leadership activities and/or organization memberships
    6. Research experience
      • Describe experiences, interests, readiness (e.g., use of spreadsheets, SPSS/SAS, use of statistics)
    7. Presentations and/or publications
  • Electronic Interview: This interview will require you to have access to a device with an internet connection and a camera/video recording feature with microphone. Specific details will be included in the application. While we anticipate that the entire interview should take less than 30 minutes, you may want to allow time to prepare yourself or for technical difficulties. Questions are similar to what you may experience during a job interview.
  • Prerequisite Course Descriptions: Applicants will prepare a word document that includes the catalog course descriptions for all prerequisite courses taken. These can be copy and pasted from the institution's course catalog where you took the courses.
  • Prerequisite Course Listing and Grades: Applicants will complete a list of all prerequisite courses taken, number of semester hours, grade, and term/year taken. Access the required form here. Please upload the form to your application once completed.
  • Please make sure the email you use for this application will remain current throughout the entire process and is one that you check on a regular basis!

For questions about the Graduate School application process, please contact the Graduate School at Specific programmatic questions regarding East Carolina University's Occupational Therapy Program should be directed to or phone 252-744-6199.