How Do I Apply to the MSOT Program?

2016-2017 Application Process

*NEW* The application for the professional (entry-level) Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) degree is submitted online to OTCAS (

The application process is a two-phase process with all applicants completing Phase One and then invited applicants only completing Phase Two. Please see below for descriptions of these two application phases.

Phase One - OTCAS Application DUE NOVEMBER 1, 2016

Applications are accepted from July 17, 2016 until November 1, 2016. The application must be complete by November 1, but does not have to be verified by this date. Incomplete applications after this deadline will NOT be considered for admission. ECU does require GRE for application. OTCAS will indicate its code for GRE score submission. Applications will be reviewed AFTER the November 1st deadline when ALL applications will be reviewed at the same time. A complete OTCAS application for ECU includes but is not limited to:

  • Transcripts from ALL attended colleges and universities
  • GRE scores for quantitative, verbal, and writing (highest overall will be used)
  • Three (3) references will be required beginning with the November 1, 2017 application due date
  • Though OTCAS requires a personal statement in order for the application to be considered complete, our Department will not be reviewing or including your personal statement as part of our application. However, if you are applying to other occupational therapy programs, it is your responsibility to determine if it is required by those programs.

Please make sure the email you use for this application will remain current throughout the entire process and is one that you check on a regular basis!

Please see OTCAS for a list of required items for submission and the fee structure for this application.

Phase Two - Supplemental Application with Electronic Interview and Graduate School Application DUE JANUARY 10, 2017

Phase Two is by invitation only. After initial review by the Occupational Therapy Admissions Committee, a pool of applicants will be invited by email to submit a Supplemental Application and complete an electronic interview. The deadline for this application is January 10, 2017. Phase 2 includes the following elements:

  1. Supplemental Application:
    • Essay - Applicants will be asked to respond in writing to essay prompts. The applicant's personal responses assist the Admissions Committee in determining if the applicant is a good fit for our program, faculty members, and perspective of occupational therapy. The brief responses should reflect genuine impressions about you as an individual and a future professional. A word limit has been established for each question. Spelling and grammar will be considered. Questions may change annually but past questions have included:
      • Express your reason(s) for pursuing a graduate degree in occupational therapy.
      • Explain why you believe East Carolina University's occupational therapy program is the right program for you.
      • Describe your greatest achievement in scholarship, leadership, and/or service.
      • Reflect on your personal strengths and weaknesses.
      • Research is a component of our program. Describe what you believe can be your contribution in the program.
      • Explain what occupational therapy means to you.
    • Resume - Applicants invited to Phase Two will be requested to submit a ONE-PAGE resume highlighting important experiences and MUST use the provided template and directions. Applicants will be given instructions on how to submit this resume in their invitation to Phase Two. However, due to the quick turn-around of the Phase Two application, the Admissions Committee is providing the resume template HERE (doc) so that applicants can begin preparing this document prior to receiving the invitation.
    • Electronic Interview - Phase Two of the application process includes completion of an Electronic Interview using a web-based tool. This interview will require you to have access to a device with an internet connection and a camera/video recording feature with microphone. You will be given specific details at the time of your invitation. This interview will be a way to ask you questions and then you record your responses by video while not requiring an on-site interview. The responses will be reviewed after the submission deadline. We anticipate that the entire interview will take less than 30 minutes.
  2. East Carolina University Graduate School Application (GradApply)
    Applicants must be invited to Phase Two in order for their applications to be considered for this level of review.
    • Applicants invited to Phase Two must complete the ECU Graduate School Application for occupational therapy fall 2017 semester through GradApply. This application will require submission of ALL your original transcripts. You will need to submit these to ECU directly even though you have already submitted them to OTCAS. There is also a $70 fee required with this application. A completed application and fee must be submitted by the due date. A completed Graduate School application includes:
      1. A completed online Graduate School Application
      2. Official transcripts from all schools, colleges, or universities attended
      3. Fee
      For additional information about these elements, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Transcripts should be sent to East Carolina University, Graduate School Admissions, 131 Ragsdale, Greenville, NC, 27858-4353. Please do not send transcripts or other materials to the Department of Occupational Therapy, as this will delay your application process.

(For questions about the GradApply application process, please contact the Graduate School at Specific programmatic questions regarding East Carolina University's Occupational Therapy Program should be directed to or phone 252-744-6199.)