Health Sciences Campus

Residency Program


Numerous required and elective intradepartmental and interdepartmental conferences, including didactic sessions, journal clubs, and call review occur throughout the month.  This listing includes the most recent offerings.

Conference Day(s)
AP Consensus Conf Mon, Wed, Fri
AP Journal Club Thu
AP Service Line & Histo    Mtg Mon
Autopsy Conf Thu
Bone Marrow Conf Fri
Breast Cancer Conf Tue
Clin Path Call Review Mon
CP Didactic Conf Wed
CP Journal Club Thu
Cutaneous Cancer Conf Fri
Endocrine Grand Rounds Wed, Thu
Fellows Path Conf Tue
Forensic/Autopsy Case Conf Wed
Forensic/Autopsy Photo Conf Fri
Forensic Journal Club Tue
GI Cancer Conf Fri
Conference Day(s)
GI Path Fellow Slide Rvw Conf Wed
Gross Conf Tue
GYN Conf Thu
Head & Neck Cancer Conf Fri
Heme Path Tumor Board Mon
Infect Dis Complicated Case Conf Wed
Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board Wed
Pt Safety & Quality Improvement Wed
Renal Biopsy Conf Tue
Research Journal Club Thu
Residents Heme Path Conf Tue
Surg Path Glass Slide Conf Wed
Thoracic Case Conf Thu
Thoracic Oncology Conf Thu
Urology Tumor Board Wed
VMC Cancer Conf Fri