Health Sciences Campus

Heng Hong, M.D., Ph.D.

Heng Hong

Associate Professor

Department of Pathology
Brody School of Medicine
Brody Building, 7S10
Mail Stop 642
600 Moye Boulevard
Greenville, NC 27834

Office: 252-744-5911
Fax: 252-744-1889


Fellowship: Indiana University, Surgical Pathology
                  Duke University, Cytopathology
Residency: Indiana University, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
Internship: Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, China
Doctorate: Shanghai Medical University, M.D.
                  University of Southern California, Ph.D.

Board Certification

American Board of Pathology, Anatomic Pathology
American Board of Pathology, Clinical Pathology
American Board of Pathology, Cytopathology

Research Interests

Prostate cancer; nuclear receptor coactivators and their biological roles in the pathogenesis of hormone-dependent tumors.

Representative Publications

  • Sanderlin EJ, Leffler NR, Lertpiriyapong K, Cai Q, Hong H, Bakthavatchalu V, Fox JG, Oswald JZ, Justus CR, Krewson EA, O'Rourke D, Yang LV: GPR4 deficiency alleviates intestinal inflammation in a mouse model of acute experimental colitis. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2017 Feb;1863(2):569-584. doi: 10.1016/j.bbadis. 2016.12.005. Epub 2016 Dec 7.
  • Boyd JD, Smith GD, Hong H, Mageau R, Juskevicius R. Fine-needle aspiration is superior to needle core biopsy as a sample acquisition method for flow cytometric analysis in suspected hematologic neoplasms. Cytometry B Clin Cytom. 88(1):64-8. 2015.
  • Nopparat J, Zhang J, Lu JP, Chen YH, Zheng D, Neufer PD, Fan JM, Hong H, Boykin C, Lu Q. δ-Catenin, a Wnt/β-catenin modulator, reveals inducible mutagenesis promoting cancer cell survival adaptation and metabolic reprogramming. Oncogene. 34(12):1542-52, 2015.
  • Lu Q, Lanford GW, Hong H, Chen YH: δ-Catenin as a potential cancer biomarker. Pathol Int. 64(5):243-6, 2014.
  • Mohiuddin Y, Hong H and Juskevicius R. Cytological features of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma can mimic metastatic carcinoma on fine needle aspirate cytology. Cytopathology 24(5):340-2, 2013.
  • Hong H, Mel L, Taylor J,   Wu Q, Reeves H. Effects of robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy   on surgical pathology specimens. Diagnostic Pathology. 2012 7:24.
  • Sun YP, Hewan-Lowe K, Wu   Q, Yu J, Guo ZQ, Han YL, Fan YJ, Qin XF, Xu P, Bolatihan J, Hoshaerbai   M, Yuan LP, and Hong H (corresponding author): HIV screening and   awareness survey for pregnant women in a remote area in Xinjiang Uyghur   autonomous region of China.  Open AIDS Journal. 2011 5:96-101.
  • Patonay B, Semer D, Hong H   (corresponding author): Florid cystic endosalpingiosis with extensive   peritoneal involvement and concurrent bilateral ovarian serous   cystadenoma. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2011 31:773-4.
  • Lu Z, Ding L, Hong H,   Hoggard J, Lu Q, Chen YH: Inhibition of cell migration and invasion by   claudin-7 is mediated through ERK/MAPK signaling pathway in human lung   cancer cells. Experimental Cell Research. 2011 317(13):1935-46.
  • Hong H, Patonay B, Finley J: Unusual reticulin staining pattern in well-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma. Diagnostic Pathology. 2011 6:15.
  • Wang T, Chen YH, Hong   H, Zeng Y, Zhang J, Lu JP, Jeansonne B, Lu Q: Increased nucleotide   polymorphic changes in the 5'-untranslated region of d-catenin (CTNND2)   gene in prostate cancer. Oncogen. 2009 28(4):555-64.