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John M. Lehman, Ph.D.

John Lehman


Department of Pathology
Brody School of Medicine
Brody Building, 7S20
Mail Stop 642
600 Moye Boulevard
Greenville, NC 27834

Office: 252-744-5033
Fax: 252-744-3616


Postdoctoral: University of Pennsylvania, The Wistar Institute
                      University of Colorado School of Medicine
Graduate: University of Pennsylvania, The Wistar Institute, Ph.D. in Pathology
Undergraduate: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, B.S. in Bacteriology

Professional Positions

University of Colorado, Pathology: Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Acting Associate Dean for Research Affairs.

Albany Medical College: Professor and Theobald Smith Alumni Chair of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics, Dean of the Graduate School, Honorary Alumnus.

Brody School of Medicine, Professor of Pathology, Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Studies, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research of the Division of Health Sciences, Acting Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Studies at ECU.

Research Interests

Dr. Lehman's research interests have focused on understanding the mechanisms of infection and transformation with the polyomaviruses, specifically SV40, mouse polyoma, and more recently BKV in PVAN. Funding from the NIH, NIAI, NCI, NCI/AACR, ACS, NSF, Roche OTRF, NC Biotechnology Center and Albany Molecular Research.

Publications (peer reviewed papers 95; Book chapters 11; Abstracts 114)

  • Lehman, J.M., Laffin, J., and Friedrich T.D. Simian Virus 40 induces multiple S phases with the majority of viral DNA replication in the G2 and second S phase in CV-1 cells. Exp.Cell Res. 258:215-222, 2000. PMID: 10912803
  • Dee, FR, Lehman, JM, Consoer, D, Leaven, T, Cohen, MB: Implementation of Virtual Microscope Slides in the Annual Pathobiology of Cancer Workshop Laboratory: Human Pathology:34:430-436, 2003 PMID: 12792915
  • Friedrich, T.D., Bedner, E., Darzynkiewicz, Z., Lehman, J.M., Distinct Patterns of MCM Protein Binding in Nuclei of S Phase and Rereplicating SV40-infected Monkey Kidney Cells. Cytometry Part A 67A:10-18, 2005. PMID: 16184610
  • Lehman, J.M. and Prystowsky, M.B.: Research: Contributions, Cost and Evaluation, presented at the Comenius Academic Club Conference, June 29-30, 2013, New York, NY. 2013 Journal of Euro-American Civilization: No. 1 pp101-111, 2014
  • Friedrich, TD, Civello, L, Svetlik, M, Narendran, A, Smith, R, Arthur, J, Hayner-Buchan, A, Lehman, JM, Conti, DJ. Chk1 and the host cell DNA damage response as a potential therapeutic target in Polyomavirus associated nephropathy. (Manuscript in preparation)
  • Svetlik, M, DiPoto, A, Narendran, A, Arthur, J, Lehman, JM, Conti, DJ, and Friedrich, TD. The ATM inhibitor KU55933 bocks Polyomavirus BK infection in an ATM independent manner. (Manuscript in preparation)
  • Lehman, JM, Arthur, J, Svetlik, M and Friedrich, TD: Changes in the DNA content of human renal Epithelial cells infected with the polyomavirus BK. (Manuscript in preparation)