Family Autism Center

The mission of the Family Autism Center (FAC) is to provide services for children, youth, and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Eastern North Carolina has a variety of services for individuals with autism and their families, but these services are often fragmented and the various systems are difficult for families to navigate. This results in poor access to services and unfortunate outcomes for children, families, and adults. The increasing autism rates (nationally 1 in 88 and formerly 1 in 110) make accurate diagnosis, coordination of care, provision of services and advocacy even more critical for our region. Nationally generated autism rates specific to NC are 1 in 70 (1 in 43 boys).

Karen Stiles

Karen M. Stiles, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Primary Specialty: Child Clinical Psychology
Secondary Training: Psychology
Board Certifications: American Board Child Clinical and Adolescent Psychology: American Board of Professional Psychology
Fellowship: Boston Children’s Hospital; Child Development and Mental Retardation Center
Education: Boston University
Clinical Interests: