Our staff includes a medical doctor, board eligible by the American Board of Medical Genetics, who diagnoses, treats and counsels patients and their families with genetic disorders. The medical doctor is supported by a board certified doctoral scientist for chromosome analysis. We also have staff genetics counselors who provide education and counseling to the patients and their families. We also have a doctoral genetics research scientist.

Patients are seen in the Pediatric Specialty Clinic.

The telephone number is 252-744-2525.

Karen Schmidt, MD, FACMG

Karen Schmidt, MD, FACMG

Clinical Professor

Primary Specialty: Genetics
Secondary Specialty: Pediatrics, Pathology
Board Certifications: American Board of Pediatrics
Fellowship: National Institutes of Health
Residency: National Cancer Institute
Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical School
Graduate School: Master’s in Genetics
John Wiley, PhD

John Wiley, PhD


Primary Specialty: Clinical Cytogenetics
Board Certification: American Board of Medical Genetics; Clinical Cytogenetics
Fellowship: University of Wisconsin – Madison
Graduate School: UNC Greensboro, MA; North Carolina State University, PhD
Research Interests: Cancer genetics, molecular cytogenetics, toxicology
Ancillary Roles: Course Director, M1 and M2 Genetics
Charles E. Boklage, PhD

Charles E. Boklage, PhD


Primary Specialty: Behavioral and Developmental Genetics
Secondary Training: Neurosciences, Biostatistics
Fellowships: Kansas State University: Developmental Genetics; University of North Carolina Schools of Medicine and Public Health: Medical Genetics, Biostatistics, Neurobiology, Developmental Psychology
Graduate School: University of California at San Diego
Research Interests: Reproduction and development: gametogenesis, fertilization, embryogenesis, malformations, reproductive epidemiology, twins, twinning, prenatal and infant mortality, seasonal rhythms, differences in sex development
Ancillary Roles: BSOM Research Advisory Council, Chair ECU Academic Awards Committee, Past President ECU Sigma Xi
Online Publications: Bacterial Virus Developmental Genetics, Twinning, Handedness, Developmental Asymmetries and Rhythms in Human Conceptions