Professors Emeriti

The Department of Pediatrics acknowledges its founding chairman, Jon B.Tingelstad, MD, Professor Emeritus, for 23 years of dedicated service to children and to medical education at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. In 1986, he was instrumental in establishing the Children's Hospital. It thrived under his leadership during his tenure as Medical Director. Dr. Tingelstad also committed personal efforts in improving public education and community development for the City of Greenville through service on the Board of Education and the Chamber of Commerce. Dr.Tingelstad retired in May 2000 as Professor Emeritus.

Since inception in 1976, the continuing development of the Department of Pediatrics, under the leadership of Jon B. Tingelstad, MD, utilized the contributions of numerous esteemed faculty, who have retired after successful long-standing careers in service to the children of eastern North Carolina.

James L. Hughes, MD
18.5 years service

Jean F. Kenny, MD
19 years service

Arthur E. Kopelman, MD
30 years service

Theodore Kushnick, MD
13 years service

James R. Markello, MD
16 years service

Alexander F. Robertson, MD
10 years service

G. Earl Trevathan, Jr., MD
19 years service