Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see enough patients to be well trained when I graduate?

We have a large and diverse patient population. We are the only facility offering tertiary pediatric care in the eastern third of North Carolina (29 counties), and patients seek both general and subspecialty services at our institution. We care for over 60,000 patients in the outpatient setting yearly. Our Outpatient, Ward, NICU, and PICU services provide care for children with a broad spectrum of illnesses and clinical problems. Residents leave our program well-prepared for general practice or subspecialty training.

What kind of resident is the program seeking?

We are looking for residents who demonstrate compassion toward others, a desire to learn, and an ability to work well as a team member with other residents and staff.

What type of relationship exists between the faculty and housestaff?

Faculty at our institution have generally chosen to be at East Carolina because of the opportunities for teaching in the setting of providing patient care. Residents find our faculty approachable and excited about working with medical learners.

Where do the residents go when they graduate?

The greatest concentration of our graduates is in North Carolina, but our graduates are all over the United States. Most of our residents go into general practices in community settings, but about 20-25% of our residents have gone on to fellowship training in highly competitive subspecialty programs. In addition, several former residents work in academic settings as general pediatricians and in the public health arena.

What are application requirements for international medical graduates?

  1. One year of residency training in the United States or Canadian medical system. Applicants without this experience will be considered if letters of support can attest to the ability of work in the US hospital system.
  2. Successful passage of USMLE Step I and II on the first attempt
  3. Graduation from medical school within the last two years (applicants out of med school more than 2 years prior to application may be considered on a case-by-case basis)
  4. Eligible for ECFMG certification

*NOTE: Only J1 visas are sponsored by our hospital