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White Paper

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Photo of four children with balloons.To increase awareness of childhood obesity in eastern North Carolina, the Center has prepared a white paper entitled "Childhood Obesity: How do children in eastern North Carolina measure up?"

The white paper is intended to serve as a resource for health professionals and faculty at East Carolina University and in the surrounding region. It may be used in preparing and submitting grants, providing information to local media and making presentations to both professional and community audiences.

The white paper was first issued in 2004. Periodic updates will be available every few years. The most recent version was issued in 2006.

The white paper:

  • Describes the prevalence of childhood obesity in the region
  • Reviews the dietary and physical activity habits of its youth
  • Discusses factors that influence childhood weight status
  • Provides brief summaries of ongoing childhood obesity research within the region
  • Highlights key public and community efforts that are underway to prevent and treat childhood obesity.

Download the 2006 white paper here or contact Ms. Yancey Crawford, MPH, at to obtain a hard copy for a $10 fee.