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Dr. Mona M. McConnaughey

Mona M. McConnaughey

Teaching Professor

voice: 252-744-2756

My primary focus in the department is teaching. My major research interest deals with receptor isolation and characterization in a variety of tissues and disease states. It is very possible that many diseases cause or are caused by receptor changes. By characterizing these alterations, we may learn more about the disease at the biochemical level and possibly be able to develop drugs specifically designed to affect the altered receptors.

One particular interest involves investigating potential toxicities of artificial sweeteners and what receptors systems might be altered with long-term use. It appears that prolonged ingestion of aspartame may cause some receptor changes in the brain. My ongoing research is primarily devoted to determining potential receptor or enzyme alterations, as well as some behavioral changes, after chronic aspartame consumption.


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Mona M. McConnaughey


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