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Dr. Abdel A. Abdel-Rahman

Dr. Abdel-Rahman

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Neural Control


Research pursued in our laboratory covers two areas, neuroscience/neuropharmacology and cardiovascular biology/pharmacology. A common theme of our research program is the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms that promote and suppress oxidative stress in cardiovascular tissues as well as in brain nuclei that control sympathetic activity and blood pressure. Our research findings have provided important basic and clinically relevant knowledge in well-established models of human pathophysiology. Recent research directions focus on why alterations in cellular environment transform the cardioprotective estrogen into a proinflammatory hormone that promotes myocardial injury. Such studies cover a myriad of molecular studies on estrogen receptor subtype signaling and trafficking in animal models of surgical menopause. We are currently extending our novel findings on altered phospholipid metabolism in hypertension to understand the roles of abnormal phospholipid generation in mitochondrial and myocardial dysfunction following binge pattern alcohol consumption. Finally, we conduct comprehensive studies on central and cardiovascular cannabinoid receptor signaling and the therapeutic potential of targeting this rapidly developing system for the treatment of human diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Continuous NIH funding has permitted acquisition of important equipment needed for our multilevel approach research. We routinely add new methodologies and enlist valuable collaborations to enhance our capabilities of conducting cutting edge NIH-funded research in a rapidly developing area of investigation.

Some specific areas of interest:

1. Negative impact of alcohol on central hemeoxygenase and catalase regulation of blood pressure and heart rate in hypertension

2. Molecular mechanisms of estrogen-dependent oxidative stress and myocardial injury caused by alcohol

3. The importance of phospholipid metabolism (phosphatidic acid) in preserving left ventricular function during the compensated phase of the hypertensive heart

4. The molecular interaction between the classic cannabinoid (CB1)receptor and the novel cannabinoid receptor GPR18 determines the neuronal redox state and blood pressure

5. The role of hydrogen sulfide in the favorable glycemic and cardiovascular effects of imidazoline receptor activation in diabetic rats

6. The role of lipid rafts and their major protein caveolin in estrogen receptor and cannabinoid receptors trafficking and signaling in neurons and cardiac myocytes

ERa translocationGPR18 lipid raftHemodynamicOrexin CB1

Representative Publications: from>130 peer reviewed publications at

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Laboratory Members

Kui Sun, Research Specialist

Rebecca Steagall, Post Doctoral Fellow

Fanrong Yao, Post Doctoral Fellow

Samar Rezq, Graduate Student


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