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Dr. Mustafa I. Selim

Mustafa I. Selim


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Research in Dr. Selim's laboratory is focused on two areas: 1) investigating the toxic and detoxification mechanisms of hazardous and cancer causing chemicals, such as pesticides and mycotoxins (particularly aflatoxin B1), with the goal of developing technology for treatment or mitigation of exposure to such chemicals.2) method development and application of modern analytical techniques (e.g. SFE, GC/MS & LC/MS) for studying: the effect of air pollutants on cardiovascular and upper respiratory diseases; assessing the health effects of human exposure to toxic and endocrine disrupting chemicals in drinking water, foods, dietary supplements, and consumer products.

Representative Publications

Al-Mudhaf, HF, Selim, MI, Astel, AM, Abu-Shady, AI. Spatial Variation of Haloacetic Acids in the Indoor and Outdoor Desalinated Household Drinking Water in Kuwait. CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water. 2011; 39(9): 833-843.

Selim, MI. Mycotoxins: a global public health concern for agricultural workers. NC Med J. 2010; 71(5): 438-441.

Al-Mudhaf, HF, Astel, AM, Selim, MI, Abu-Shady, AI. Self-organizing map approach in assessment of spatiotemporal variations of trihalomethanes in desalinated drinking water in Kuwait. Desalination. 2010; 252(1-3): 97-105.

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Selim MI. Detection of ethyl alcohol, marijuana, and abused drugs in vehicle operators. Report to the Governor's Highway Safety Commission, Project #81-07-03-CX-308-01-01, State of Mississippi. 1983.


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