Dr. Robert Wardle, Ph.D.

Robert Wardle
Department of Physiology
Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 252-744-3385

Research Interests

Dr. Wardle pursues related multidisciplinary research projects. In collaboration with Dr. Van Scott, colleagues at ECU, and scientists in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, he conducts preclinical testing of novel therapeutics for the treatment of asthma and other allergic/immune diseases, as well as novel therapeutics that may impact respiration. The group pursues studies into the mechanisms underlying asthma, ways to improve the predictive value of asthma models, and assessment of the therapeutic potential of emerging drug candidates. Another project involves collaboration with scientists at the US EPA and Drs. Wingard, Lust, Van Scott and Cascio at ECU to investigate the impact of allergens and particulate air pollution on cardiovascular function. Early observations revealed that airborne allergens and particulate pollution alter vascular reactivity and increase the severity of adverse cardiac events, such as myocardial infarction. The group is currently pursuing investigations into the transduction processes by which particulate exposure alters cardiovascular function. Other research interests include cellular and molecular mechanisms of airway and cardiovascular smooth muscle contractility.