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Visitors to the Brody School of Medicine (BSOM) must comply with the Infection Control Policies, OSHA Training and Work Practice Policies, Radiation Safety, Biological Safety and HIPAA and Animal User Policies that cover the activities in which they will participate.

Please Consult the Visitor Activity, Prerequisite, Evidence of Compliance Matrix for specific requirements.

Contact Information:

Curricular Medical Students: (earning credit for BSOM visit)

Angela Taylor BSOM Student Affairs Office | (252) 744-2146

Other Students from formally affiliated institutions for Curricular Credit in Clinical Setting

Alta Andrews, RN, PH, DrPH| (252) 744-6350|  Student Learning Contracts Officer

Visiting Faculty to BSOM
David Musick, MD| (252) 744-3420 |  Associate Dean BSOM Office of Academic and Faculty Development

Formal Enrichment Programs or Individual Student Experience with Identified Mentor

Tom Irons, MD| (252) 744-2291 | Generalist Program Office Brody 2N-45

Special Programs (Honors          Med, Summer Ventures, etc,)

or Program Coordinator


Other Employees-Contract, Part-
time, Locum Tenens
(252) 744-1925/Staff Development
Coordinator-Lakeside Annex #1

Students Considered ECU-Employees
Self-Help Student Workers; Work-
(252) 744-1925/Staff Development
Coordinator-Lakeside Annex #1
Study Students, Grad Students
on Stipend

Updated Visitor Forms:

Online Refresher BBP Training for students or other non-employees: Click Here for Training.  Click Here for QuizNote: Faculty must answer any student questions about the content and document the completion date.

Other Contacts:

Radiation Safety- Marcus Jeannette- 744-2418
Animal Use- Dept. of Comparative Medicine- 744-2420