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Residency Program in Psychiatric Medicine

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Terms Of Employment And Benefits
Provided To Residents In
ACGME Accredited Training Programs
At Pitt County Memorial Hospital
Greenville, NC

  1. Residents are appointed to training programs on an annual basis. Residents are reappointed on an annual basis upon recommendation of the respective program director.
  2. Financial Support: Resident salaries are adjusted annually on July 1st. Salaries have been increased each year since the initiation of residency training in this institution. Residents are paid on the basis of their level of training in their respective training programs. The 2006-2007 academic year salaries are:

    PGY I $41,855
    PGY II $42,935
    PGY III $44,399
    PGY IV $46,018
    PGY V $47,482
    PGY VI $49,307

  3. Vacation: Three weeks of paid vacation are provided annually and scheduled through the respective program director.
  4. Professional Leave and Educational Benefits: Individual departments provide additional benefits to further your education. These may include textbooks, journal subscriptions, membership in professional societies, financial support for educational meetings outside the medical center and start up money for research programs. Specific information concerning these educational benefits is available from the program directors of individual residency programs.
  5. Sick Leave: Residents are provided twelve days of paid sick leave annually. Residents requiring extended sick leave must use accrued sick days. Leave beyond this time is leave without pay. If FMLA eligible, holiday/vacation days will be used after sick days are exhausted. If absence not covered under FMLA, vacation/holiday may be used.
  6. Professional Liability Insurance: Residents are provided $1,000,000 in malpractice coverage for activities which are directly related with residency training regardless of when a claim is filed.
  7. Hospital and Health Insurance: Group plans for Hospital and Health Insurance for the residents and dependents are available at group rates and are effective upon employment. A variety of plans are available and are paid through salary reduction on an after tax basis. Upon completion of six months of employment, premiums are paid on a before tax basis.
  8. Long Term Disability Insurance: Long Term Disability Insurance for the residents is available at group rates and premiums may be paid by salary reduction on an after tax basis.
  9. Life Insurance: Residents are provided life insurance equal to their annual salary. Additional life insurance is available at group rates and the premiums may be paid by salary reduction on an after tax basis. Dependent Life Insurance ($5000 for spouse and $2500 for eligible children) is provided upon employment.
  10. Flexible Benefits: A flexible benefit program is available after six months of employment which include: Medical Plan Deductible Options; Dental Plan; Additional Life Insurance; Dependent Life Insurance; Child Care and Health Care Reimbursement Accounts; and Partnership Savings Plan.
  11. Partial Moving Expense Reimbursement: PCMH will reimburse the resident up to $1000 for documented moving expenses of household goods during their relocation process.
  12. Hospital Bill Discount: Employees of PCMH, spouses of employees, and dependent children of employees with PCMH Medical Plan coverage or another comparable plan will be eligible for a discount of 50% towards the deductible and/or 50% towards the co-insurance, when the services are covered by insurance.
  13. Tuition Aid Plan: This plan is intended to help employees wishing to continue their education through voluntary off the job instruction and study. Details are available in the Department of Human Relations.
  14. Lab Coats Allowance: An allowance of $60.00 + tax is given for the purchase of lab coats. Information on where to purchase these coats will be given at orientation.
  15. Laundry for Lab Coats: Lab coats will be picked up from your department twice a week for cleaning. No other laundry service is provided.
  16. Meal Tickets for On-Call Residents: For residents required to spend night call in the hospital, two meal tickets will be given per night for dinner and breakfast meals. Meal tickets will not be provided to those who are delinquent on Medical Records and/or Employee Health Screens.
  17. Call Rooms: Call rooms are provided for residents who are required to remain in the hospital over night. No other living accommodations are provided.