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Welcome to Medical Student Education
P. G. Shelton, MD
Director, Medical Student Education

While going through the courses, clerkship and selectives in psychiatric medicine, the students will master a universally held public health concept that includes patients, physicians, and the community.This concept plays a central role in the prevention, incidence, prevalence, manifestations, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of illness.With the knowledge gained in psychiatry the students will be able to interact most effectively with their patients.

I. M-1 Behavioral Science course has an emphasis on communication, behavior, and compliance in the doctor-patient relationship and the bio-psychosocial model in understanding illness. This course is taught in the spring semester of the student's first year.

Course Director: Irma Corral, PhD

II. M-2 Basic Psychiatry course has an emphasis on recognizing and treating psychiatric conditions that present in general medical settings. Part 1 of this course is taught in the fall of the student's second year. Parts 2 and 3 of this course are taught in the spring of the student's second year.

Course Director: Brandon N. Kyle, PhD

III. M-3 Psychiatry Clerkship

Course Director: P. G. Shelton, MD

IV. M-4 Selectives

Course Director: P. G. Shelton, MD

Note:course material is posted on Blackboard (

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