Residency Program in Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine


Here are a list of the electives that are currently offered. We are open to creating and exploring new electives that will enhance the education of our residents.

Please be aware:

  1. Each resident will only be allowed to complete ONE "away" rotation. "Away" means any rotation not located within Vidant Medical Center/ECU or its immediate affiliates (sites that we have traveled to while training, i.e Cherry/VA etc)
  2. To propose a "new" elective, please complete this form: Generic Electives Proposal Template (docx)
    1. Plan ahead! It can take over 6 months to get an elective proposal approved through the REC and through GME.
    2. To be considered, proposed "away" electives will only be considered if they provide an educational experience that is not already offered here locally.
    3. Complete the template and turn it in to the program director
  3. Plan your electives ahead of time.
    1. Any of the rotations listed below without an asterisk can be scheduled easily and have some flexibility as far as schedules and responsibilities.
    2. Any rotations below with an *asterisk:
      1. Allow extra planning time
      2. Please follow the link and read the objectives/details of the rotation
      3. Contact the "contact person" for the rotation and discuss availability
      4. Print proposal form from link and complete
      5. Speak to Program Director

Inpatient Sub-Attending - see Inpatient Medical Director

Consult/Liaison Sub-Attending - See C&L Director

ED Sub-Attending - See ED Director

Quality Improvement Projects - see Dr. Johnson

Forensics - see Dr. Duncan

VA Outpatient - see Dr. Rodriguez at the VA

Cherry Hospital - can only be completed on months there are no other residents scheduled. Travel reimbursement WILL be provided - Speak to Cherry Coordinator

Senior Substance abuse (therapy) - see chiefs/Dr. Johnson for availability

*Addiction Medicine - Farley Center, Williamsburg, VA
download elective proposal (pdf)

*Addiction Medicine - University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
download elective proposal (pdf)

*Outpatient Clinic Senior - ECU Outpatient Clinic
download elective proposal (pdf)

*Geriatrics - Emory University, Atlanta GA
download elective proposal (pdf)

*Inpatient Psychiatry - Vidant Beaufort, Washington, NC
download elective proposal (pdf)

*Medical Student Teaching - East Carolina University
download elective proposal (pdf)

*Neurostimulation - East Carolina University
download elective proposal (pdf)

*Psychology - ECU Outpatient Clinic
download elective proposal (pdf)

*Customizable Research Elective - East Carolina University
download elective proposal (pdf)

*Substance Abuse Senior (Ames/Gentile) - PORT Human Services and Vidant Medical Center
download elective proposal (pdf)

*Forensics - Central Regional Hospital, Butner, NC
download elective proposal (pdf)