Bruce C. Albright, PhD, PT

College of Allied Health Sciences
Health Sciences Building, 2405D
Greenville, NC 27858

Curriculum Vitae



Professional Interest
Motor Control
Prosthetics and amputee rehabilitation

Education History
Doctor of Philosophy, Anatomy and Cell Biology, 1974
Medical College of Virginia
Master of Science, Physical Therapy, 1972
Medical College of Virginia
Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy, 1969
University of Maryland

Teaching Areas
Motor Control
Prosthetics and Orthotics

Selected Publications
Ostopoff, M.E., J.I. Johnson and B.C. Albright. 1988. Medullary sources of projections to the kinesthetic thalamus in raccoons: External and basal cuneate nuclei and cell groups X and Z. J. of Comp. Nuerol., 267:231-252.

Culberson, J.L. and B.C. Albright. 1984. Morphological evidence for fiber sorting in the fasciculus cuneatus. Exp. Neurol., 85: 358-370.

Wells, J. and B.C. Albright. 1983. Synaptic arrangements in the ventral lateral nucleus of the squirrel. Brain, Behav. and Evol., 22:165-174.

Albright, B.C., J.I. Johnson and M.E. Ostapoff. 1983. The projection of cervical primary fibers to DCN of the squirrel, Sciurus niger: Fiber sorting in the dorsal columns. Brain, Behav. and Evol., 22:118-131

Ostapoff, M.E., J.I. Johnson and B.C. Albright. 1983. Mechanosensory projections to the dorsal column nuclei in a tree squirrel (fox squirrel, Sciurus niger). Neuroscience, 9:107-127.

Albright, B.C. and D.J. Friedenbach. 1982. The distribution of lateral funicular and cortical fibers to the dorsal column, Z, and X nuclei in the prosimian Galago. Neuroscience, 7:1175- 1185.


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