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College of Allied Health Sciences
Department of Physical Therapy - Meet the Faculty


Walter L. Jenkins, PT, DHS, ATC, LATC
Associate Professor and Chair

Bruce C. Albright, Ph.D., PT

Leslie Allison, Ph.D., PT
Assistant Professor

Sonja Bareiss, Ph.D., PT
Assistant Professor

Amy Gross McMillan, Ph.D., PT
Associate Professor

Alex Durland, DPT, CSCS
Clinical Instructor

Patricia Hodson, DPT
Clinical Professor
Director of Clinical Education

Sarah E. Johnson, DPT
Clinical Instructor

Terry Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Sue Leach, PT, Ph.D., NCS
Assistant Professor

Jacob N. Thorp, PT, DHS
Clinical Assistant Professor

John D. Willson, Ph.D., MPT
Associate Professor
Director of Human Movement Analysis Lab

Administrative Support Associate
Karen Eastwood
Tracy Gilland