Patricia S. Hodson, DPT

Patricia S. Hodson

Clinical Professor
Director of Clinical Education

College of Allied Health Sciences
Health Sciences Building, 2405B
Greenville, NC 27834

Professional Interest

  • Pediatric assessment and therapeutic intervention
  • High-risk infants
  • Clinical education models

Education History

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, UNC-Greensboro
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, East Carolina University
  • Master of Science in Child Development and Family Relations, East Carolina University
  • Post Graduate Fellowship for Physical and Occupational Therapists in Maternal & Child Health, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Simmons College

Selected Publications

Stavrakas P, Hotobagyi T, Lambert NJ, et al. Biomechanical analysis of the effects of heel cord lengthening on gait in a child with cerebral palsy: a case study. Gait and Posture. 1994;2:33.

Stavrakas P, DeVita P, Lambert, NJ, Hortobagyi T, et al. Effect of NDT facilitation on gait parameters in children with neurologic deficits: two case studies. Pediatric Physical Therapy. 1995;7:198.

Boswell B, Davis R, Stavakas, P. Time-distance gait parameters of children with spastic cerebral palsy. Clinical Kinesiology. Winter 1996:88-98.