Vision, Mission & Strategic Goals


The Department of Physical Therapy will be recognized in the region, state and nation as a leader in education and clinical based research.


To graduate clinically competent, highly professional practitioners who will serve North Carolina, particularly Eastern North Carolina. The department will foster critical thinking and scholarship through the conduct of an evidence based curriculum and dissemination of clinically oriented research with emphasis on health care problems common to the residents of Eastern North Carolina. The program also values the cultivation of strong leadership skills which will enhance the students' abilities to continue to grow within the profession and take an active role in moving the profession forward.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Promote excellence in teaching and learning

  • Objective 1: Integrate evidence-based learning experiences into the curriculum and clinical education
  • Objective 2: Involve students in faculty scholarly activity.
  • Objective 3: Enhance student learning using innovative instructional techniques.
  • Objective 4: Provide a curriculum that promotes professional excellence, competent patient management and health promotion skills, and flexibility in career choice.

Goal 2: Develop a nationally recognized research agenda

  • Objective 1: Increase the involvement of physical therapy faculty in collaborative and interdisciplinary research opportunities.
  • Objective 2: Create an environment that allows the faculty to be competitive in seeking external funding.
  • Objective 3: Support research that has a direct regional impact such as research on diabetes, adult and pediatric obesity, falls in the elderly, and injuries due to exercise/sport.

Goal 3: Increase patient care and community initiatives

  • Objective 1: Development of a referral network of regional rehabilitation providers that utilize faculty for consultations, evaluations and treatment.
  • Objective 2: Provision of educational resources for patients, community residents and regional practitioners in areas of faculty expertise.
  • Objective 3. Increase opportunities for service learning experiences that expose students and faculty to diverse populations.