Vision, Mission & Strategic Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the ECU Department of Physical Therapy is to educate and develop clinically competent, highly professional practitioners who will serve the needs of the diverse people of North Carolina and beyond.

Vision Statement

The ECU Department of Physical Therapy fosters critical thinking and scholarship through administration of an evidence-based curriculum and dissemination of scientific, clinically relevant research, incorporating academic and clinical success, professionalism, engaged service, and leadership development.

Strategic Goals

Maximize Student Success

  • Goal 1: We will graduate students who are fully prepared for entry level clinical practice in physical therapy.
  • Goal 2: We will prepare our students with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to be life-long learners and consumers of scientific evidence.
  • Goal 3:  We will prepare students to be practitioners in the global community.
  • Goal 4: We will prepare expert clinicians and academic faculty/researchers through post-professional programs.
  • Goal 5:  We will educate physical therapy clinicians who are fully prepared to practice patient-centered collaborative care with diverse health care professions.
  • Goal 6:  We will heighten visibility and recognition of ECU Physical Therapy student success.

Serve the Public

  • Goal 7: We will provide culturally competent, evidence-based physical therapy services for underserved and diverse people of our community.
  • Goal 8: We will provide educational resources for patients, community residents and regional practitioners in areas of faculty expertise.
  • Goal 9:  We will heighten visibility and recognition of ECU Physical Therapy faculty, staff, and student service and leadership contributions.

Lead Regional Transformation

  • Goal 10: We will collaborate with individuals from across ECU campuses and beyond on research opportunities with a direct regional impact.
  • Goal 11: We will promote discovery and dissemination of innovations that minimize the impact of movement-related limitations.
  • Goal 12: We will develop a nationally recognized research agenda through support of faculty efforts toward externally funded research.
  • Goal 13:  We will heighten visibility and recognition of departmental scholarly contributions.