Huabin Luo, PhD

Huabin Luo

Assistant Professor

office: ECHI 2223
phone: 252-744-5690

Dr. Huabin Luo began his career as a public health practitioner in China. He received his doctoral degree in Administration-Health Services from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in 2005. Before he joined ECU, he taught health service administration in a private college. He was also an ORISE fellow, working at the Office of State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He participated in projects on public health system performance.


  • PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham (Birmingham, AL)
  • MA, Central China Normal University
  • BA, Central China Normal University

Research Interests

  • Public Health System Research
  • Health Care Disparity
  • Long-term Care Quality and Management

Courses Taught

  • COHE 6000 Health Care Systems and Problems
  • COHE 6600 Management of Health Care Operations
  • MPH 6020 Research Methods
  • MPH 6991 Professional Paper I
  • MPH 6992 Professional Paper II

Recent Publications

Luo, Huabin, Sotnikov,S, & Shah, Gulzar Association Between Local Health Departments' Environmental, Capacity, and Process Characteristics and Activities to Assure Access to Health Care Services. American Journal of Preventive Medicine (Forthcoming).

Luo, Huabin, Gloria L.A. Beckles, Xinzhi Zhang, Sergey Sotnikov. (2013) The relationship between county-level contextual characteristics and use of diabetes care services, Journal of Public Health Practice and Management.

Luo, Huabin, Lin, M., & Castle, Nicholas. The correlates of nursing staff turnover in home and hospice agencies: 2007 National Home and Hospice Care Survey. Research on Aging. doi:10.1177/0164027512443072.

Luo, Huabin, Sotnikov, S., Shah, G., Galuska, GA, & Zhang, X. (2013). Variation in Delivery of the 10 Essential Public Health Services by Local Health Departments for Obesity Control in 2005 and 2008. Journal of Public Health Practice and Management, 19 (1), 53-61.

Luo, Huabin, Beckles, G, Fang, X. Crews, J., Saaddine, J., & Zhang, X. (2012). Socioeconomic status and lifetime risk for workplace eye injury. Epidemic Ophthalmology. 1-8.

Luo, Huabin, Lin, Michael, & Castle, Nichole. (2011) Physical restraint use and falls in nursing homes: A comparison between residents with and without dementia. American Journal of Alzheimer's Diseases and Other Dementia, 26 (1), 44-50.

Luo, Huabin, Liao, Y., Elliott, A., & Zhang. X. (2010) Associations of special care units and outcomes of residents with dementia: The 2004 National Nursing Home Survey. The Gerontologist, 50 (4), 509-18.

Luo, Huabin, Zhang, X., Gregg, E., Mukhtar, Q., Rivera, M., & Albright, A. (2010). Obesity prevention and diabetes screening at local health departments: Findings from the 2005 National Profile of Local Health Departments. American Journal of Public Health, 100 (8), 1434-41.

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Zhang, X., Gregg, E., Luo, Huabin, Rutledge, S., Saaddine , J. for Project DIRECT Evaluation Study Group. (2009). Diabetic retinopathy, dilated eye exam, and eye care education among African American community, Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina, 1997-2004. Journal of the National Medical Association, 101 (10), 1015-1021.