Juhee Kim, ScD

Juhee Kim

Associate Professor

office: Lakeside Annex 7, Room 110
phone: 252-744-5575
email: kimju@ecu.edu

Dr. Juhee Kim has been working on nutrition, obesity, and oral health in public health settings for more than 10 years. Recently, she launched the “Early Management of Pregnancy Outcomes and Wellness by Enhancing Resources” (EMPOWER) projects. The overarching goal is to improve pregnancy wellness and outcomes among underserved low-income women in order to address the current disparities in maternal and child health. The projects’ aims are to understand maternal needs and modifiable risk factors to improve prenatal care services and resources by developing clinic and community interventions.

In her previous research, the "Caretaker Research Advancing Youth Obesity kNowledge" (CRAYON) projects, she identified determinants of childhood obesity and dental caries, focusing on the roles of family, organization, and community by conducting epidemiological, policy, and community-based research. Her continuing research is to explore the role of early risk factors for pediatric obesity such as maternal feeding practices, nutrition, eating behaviors, and physical activity influences at the level of home, institutional setting (child care), clinic setting (prenatal care & pediatrics), and community health programs (WIC). The studies are a collaborative work that cross disciplines such as public health, preventive medicine, dentistry and social sciences at the East Carolina University campus and other institutions within the US as well as South Korea.


  • BS, Food and Nutrition, Kyung-Hee University (Seoul, Korea)
  • MS, Food Science, Kyung-Hee University (Seoul, Korea)
  • MS, Nutritional Science, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)
  • ScD, Maternal and Child Health, Harvard School of Public Health (Boston, MA)

Areas of Interest

  • Prenatal nutrition and eating behaviors among low-income mothers
  • Effects of prenatal nutrition, depression and obesity on pregnancy outcomes and infant growth
  • Nutrition intake among infants and toddlers
  • Prenatal intervention on gestational diabetes
  • Development of an Internet-Based Mobile Intervention App for At-Risk Pregnant Women
  • Nutrition assessment at dental care setting
  • The effect of nutrition on oral health and systemic health

Courses Taught

  • MPH 7205 Nutritional Epidemiology
  • MPH 6052 Independent Research
  • MPH 6991 Professional Paper I
  • MPH 6992 Professional Paper II


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