Sinan Sousan, PhD

Sinan Sousan

Assistant Professor

office: ECHI 2233
phone: 252-744-2947

Dr. Sinan Sousan is a Chemical Engineer with experience and training in occupational exposure assessment and treatment. Formerly, he was a postdoctoral research scholar in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Iowa. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the University of Iowa and earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with focus on atmospheric sciences. He has worked on aerosol, gas, and noise assessment in occupational settings, bioaerosol assessment and treatment in agriculture settings, and improving air quality model estimates.

Dr. Sousan's goals are assessment, treatment, and control of environmental and occupational hazards. Specifically, aerosols and toxic airborne chemical hazards, physical hazards, such as noise and extreme temperatures, and biological hazards related to airborne pathogens in agricultural settings.


  • Ph.D. The University of Iowa, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department (Iowa City, Iowa)
  • M.Sc. The University of Baghdad, Chemical Engineering Department (Baghdad, Iraq)
  • B.Sc. The University of Baghdad, Chemical Engineering Department (Baghdad, Iraq)

Areas of Interest

  • Occupational and environmental exposure assessment, prevention, and control (airborne and physical hazards)
  • Agricultural safety and health
  • Indoor air quality and air treatment
  • Aerosol generation, sampling, control, detection, and characterization
  • Development of low-cost air quality monitors for exposure assessment
  • Bioaerosol sampling and treatment
  • Air quality modeling

Representative Publications

Low-cost, Distributed Environmental Monitors for Factory Worker Health, Geb W. Thomas, Sinan Sousan, Marcus Tatum, Xiaoxing Liu, Mitchell Fitzpatrick, Kirsten A. Koehler, Thomas M. Peters, Journal of Sensors, May, 2018

An inexpensive sensor for noise, Hallett, Laura, Tatum, Marcus, Thomas, Geb, Sousan, Sinan, Koehler, Kirsten A, Peters, Tom, Journal of Occupational & Environmental Hygiene, February, 2018

Evaluation of Electro-Chemical Low-Cost Sensors for Environmental Monitoring of Ozone and Carbon Monoxide, Afshar-Mohajer, Nima; Zuidema, Christopher; Sousan, Sinan; Hallett, Laura; Tatum, Marcus; Rule, Ana M.; Thomas, Geb; Peters, Tom; Koehler, Kirsten A, Journal of Occupational & Environmental Hygiene, 2017, 0-0

Inter-Comparison of Low-Cost Sensors for Measuring the Mass Concentration of Occupational Aerosols. Sousan, S.; Koehler, K.; Thomas, G.; Park, J. H.; Hillman, M.; Halterman, A.; Peters, T. M., Aerosol Science and Technology, 2016, 50 (5), 462-473

Evaluation of a Low-Cost Aerosol Sensor to Assess Dust Concentrations in a Swine Building. Jones, S.; Anthony, T. R.; Sousan, S.; Altmaier, R.; Park, J. H.; Peters, T. M., Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 2016, 60 (5), 597-607

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