Stephanie Jilcott Pitts, PhD

Stephanie Jilcott Pitts


office: ECHI 2239
phone: 252-744-5572

Dr. Stephanie Jilcott Pitts was born and raised in Bertie County, eastern North Carolina. She received a BS in Biology with minors in Information/Library Science and Chemistry, and a PhD in Nutrition with a minor in Epidemiology, all from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Upon degree completion, she worked for World Harvest Mission in Bundibugyo, Uganda, designing and evaluating nutrition programs for malnourished and at-risk children. She came to the ECU Department of Public Health in July 2008. Her research is focused on examining and addressing policy and environmental factors related to obesity, diet, and physical activity.


  • BS, Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • PhD, Nutrition (Epidemiology minor), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)

Areas of Interest

  • Nutrition
  • Obesity
  • Environmental and policy change to improve diet and physical activity in underserved populations

Courses Taught

  • MPH 6013 Behavioral Sciences & Health Education
  • MPH 6027 Applied Mixed Methods Research
  • MPH 6991 Professional Paper I
  • MPH 6992 Professional Paper II

Significant Publications

Jilcott, S. B., Ammerman, A. S., Sommers, J., & Glasgow, R. (2007). Applying the RE-AIM Framework to Assess the Public Health Impact of Policy Change. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 34 (2), 105-114.

Jilcott, S. B., Keyserling, T. C., Crawford, T., McGuirt, J. T., & Ammerman, A. S. (2011). Examining Associations among Obesity and Per Capita Farmers' Markets, Grocery Stores/Supermarkets, and Supercenters in US Counties. J American Dietetic Association, 111 (4), 567-572.

Jilcott, S. B., Whetstone, L. M., Wilkerson, J. R., Smith, T., & Ammerman, A. S. (2012). A community-driven approach to identifying 'winnable' policies using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Common Community Measures for Obesity Prevention. Preventing Chronic Disease.

Jilcott Pitts, S. B., McGuirt, J. T., Carr, L., Wu, Q., & Keyserling, T. C. (2012). Associations between body mass index, shopping behaviors, and characteristics of the neighborhood food environment among female adult Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants in eastern North Carolina. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 51 (6), 526-541.

Jilcott Pitts, S. B., Smith, T., Thayer, L., Drobka, S., Miller, C., Thomas Keyserling, Alice Ammerman, (2013). Addressing Rural Health Disparities Through Policy Change in the Stroke Belt. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice.