Field Placement/Internship

Entering MPH students must complete a 240 hour field placement, typically conducted during the summer between first and second year. The field placement offers students the opportunity to integrate and demonstrate the academic knowledge learned from public health core competencies in a practice setting.

The Director of Field Placements will discuss with students the opportunities available from a wide range of community agencies including public health departments, medical practices, community health centers, hospitals, nursing facilities, and non-profit health agencies. It is recommended that students consider field placements that may lay the foundation for their professional paper and/or future employment opportunities.

MPH 6904 Introduction to Field Placement is a 1 credit hour course where students will work on securing their internship and write a proposal for their scope of work.

MPH 6905 Applied Field Placement is a 2 credit hour course where the actual internship will be performed. You will need to complete MPH 6904 before enrolling in MPH 6905.

Typical students take the MPH 6904/MPH 6905 courses.

MPH 6903 Comprehensive Field Placement is a 3 credit hour course. This course is offered only to students who already have a secured internship and do not need help in finding a field placement site.

In certain uncommon situations, a student with substantial prior experience can substitute an independent study for this requirement with the program director's signature of a waiver.

A field placement can be repeated once and substituted for an elective of 3 credit hours.

The Director of Field Placements develops and maintains a list of approved sites with preceptors holding graduate credentials in public health or equivalent experience. Students may choose a site not on the list, in which case the Director of Field Placements ensures that the site meets program standards and appropriate university agreements are complete and in place.

The field placement can be completed within a semester or up to one year of enrolling in MPH 6905 or MPH 6903. The student and preceptor work together to determine how many hours per week the student will be interning.