Professional Paper

A professional paper is required of all students and serves as a capstone, applied-learning experience. The professional paper will typically describe a public health action, intervention, or an increase in knowledge useful to public health practice that has resulted from the student’s internship experience, professional employment, or research.

The professional paper courses (MPH 6991, MPH 6992) are initiated in sequence after the completion of the prerequisite courses.  Prerequisites for MPH 6992 include MPH 6991 and all core courses.

Starting in fall semester 2017, MPH 6992 students will present their professional paper project in a poster presentation format as part of a medical center wide research day.

Prerequisites for MPH 6991

  • MPH 6000 - Public Health Practice
  • MPH 6002 - Ethics and Law in Public Health
  • MPH 6011 - Introduction to Epidemiology
  • MPH 6020 - Research Methods or MPH 6702 Epidemiology Methods

Resources for Students and Faculty

Potential Topics for Professional Paper (pdf)
MPH 6992 Sample Professional Paper (pdf)
Professional Paper Poster Template (pdf) PENDING

Pro Paper Guidelines

MPH Professional Paper Guidelines (pdf)