Student Spotlight

Taras Grinchak

Taras Grinchak

Major: Master of Public Health in Epidemiology
College: Department of Public Health, Brody School of Medicine, ECU
Year in School: 2nd year

Why did you decide to attend East Carolina University?

I decided to attend ECU because of the faculty in the Department of Public Health, the internship opportunities available to students, and the affordability of my Master of Public Health program. The faculty are passionate about working with students in the classroom, on a research project, or serving the community through a volunteer event. Furthermore, the Department of Public Health at ECU has a plethora of connections with community partners in North Carolina to help students find a placement for their MPH internship. Finally, this program is affordable and for a student who has a family the price of a program is an important factor to consider.

What do you appreciate most about your ECU education?

I truly appreciate the opportunities I have to work with phenomenal faculty in the Department of Public Health at ECU. I have interacted with professors in my program through academics, leadership roles, and research positions. I had an opportunity to present some of the research I participated in at state and national conferences, and to work on a manuscript that was published in a peer-reviewed academic journal. These interactions showed me how committed the faculty are to helping me succeed as an MPH student at ECU and as a future employee. Their dedication to making sure that I have opportunities to grow as a public health professional make my ECU educational experience truly rewarding.

What are your career ambitions?

I am passionate about patient care, public health, and epidemiology. Thus, I would love to have an opportunity to blend patient care and clinical research in my future career. I hope to obtain a professional degree that will allow me to provide direct patient care to individuals through the lens of public health. After obtaining my MPH, I plan to complete a doctoral level degree in a health care field and serve in a leadership role in health care in North Carolina. I hope with my training and experience I can provide high-quality care to patients, conduct clinical and epidemiological research, and influence health policy changes by getting involved in leadership at the local and state governmental level.