The Division is at an inflection point with an accelerated growth phase. The Division, one of only four academic Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine programs in North Carolina offering a three-year fellowship, has a broad-based faculty with interests and expertise in all aspects of the specialty including, outpatient consultative care, Medical Critical Care, and all procedural aspects of the specialty, including interventional pulmonology and medical thoracoscopy.

Mark Mazer, MD
Division Chief
Director of MICU

2014 Graduation Ceremony

     The graduation ceremony for the Department of Internal Medicine residents and fellows was held at the ECHI Conference Center on Thursday June 12, 2014. Among the graduates were five of our fellows: Stephen Gegick, Yassir Rahman, Khalid Saadah, Ramzy Rimawi, and Badih Kabchi all of whom will be missed. We wish them all good luck as they start their careers. There were several awards announced at the graduation ceremony: Critical Care Intern of the Year: Deepinder Grewal, MD, Critical Care Residents of the Year: Aneil Rao, MD and Ruba Sarsour, MD, Pulmonary Resident of the Year: Samuel Durret, MD, Division Teacher of the Year is Mark Bowling, MD, and Division Educators of the Year are Keith Begelmen, MD and Wayne Trainor, RRT. The next day, at the Division Graduation Party, Vishal Mungal was recognized for his hard work as Chief Fellow.

Welcome New Incoming Fellows

Pulmonary Disease & Critical Care Medicine Fellows
Al-Janabi, Mohammed Ghazi; Chalise, Som Nath;
El-BakushAmal Sadeg; Rizwan, Muhammad Zahid

Critical Care Medicine Fellows
Ritchie, Michael Kirkland, Shah, Kaushal Bharat


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Mark Bowling, MD
Teacher of the Year
2013 - 2014

Mungal-Vishal- web

Vishal Mungal, MD
Chief Fellow
2014 - 2015

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