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Pulmonary Disease & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship


Salary and Benefits

2010-2011 Academic Year Salaries

PGY 6 $54,428

Annual Paid Leave

Vacation 15 days
Sick 12 days
Professional 5 days
9 days
up to 3 days
Military up to 2 weeks
Personal LOA 30 days maximum
Family/medical Up to 12 weeks (starts after 2nd year)

Health Plans and Financial Benefits

Medical Plan Coverage is effective date of employment. A variety of plans are available. Cost is determined by type of coverage: individual coverage, parent/child coverage, or family coverage. Eligible expenses paid at 80% with a 20% copayment.
Dental Plan Coverage is effective date of employment. Two available options include $50 annual deductable or no coverage.
Long Term Life Insurance Income protection in event of disability. Income is nontaxable and pays 60% of base salary. Policy includes death benefit. Effective upon employment.
Group Life Insurance
Protection for your beneficiary equal to your annual salary. Policy also includes an accidental death and dismemberment clause. PCMH pays 100%. Coverage effective upon employment.
Long Term Disability Insurance Income protection pays 50% of base salary in event of disability.
401K Plan An investment plan that helps build retirement income to supplement Social Security and personal savings. PCMH contributes a 50-cent match for each dollar invested, up to 5% of income.
Reimbursement Accounts
Child Care reimbursement account helps employees budget and pay for work-related child care expenses. health Care reimbursement account helps employees budget and pay for uninsured medical, dental, and vision expenses.

Additional Benefits

  • Tuition Aid Plan
  • Education/Travel Funds
  • Professional Fees
  • Lab Coats Allowance
  • Laundry for Lab Coats
  • Weekly Meal Allowance
  • Discount at state-of-the art family gym (ViQuest Center)

For specific information concerning any of these benefits, contact:

PCMH Compensation & Benefits (252) 847-4479
Graduate Medical Education (252) 847-4268